New Adventures in the Pallay Punchu Mountain in Cusco, Peru

Have you conquered the rainbow peaks in southern Peru already? If you have crossed-out Palccoyo and Vinicunca from your luxury travel list, you should add one more destination for your 2021 vacation season. The spectacular Pallay Punchu mountain, the newest and trending hiking challenge in the haunting region of Cusco!

Pallay Punchu

Meet the Pallay Punchu Mountain

A new one-day luxury trek destination opens for visitors. This is Pallay Punchu mountain, the last of the three Rainbow Mountains in the hiking circuit hidden in the Andes range. It has an elevation of more than 15400 feet, an authentic bridle path as a red carpet to welcome you and your travel companion, and cold breezes alongside majestic silence to help you fully understand the beauty of this novel place.

The first word on its name describes the traditional fabric featuring classic Andean hues, such as brick red, ochre, turquoise, and black. The Pallay can be found on costumes worn by dancing young men in festivities, daily clothes on cheerful ladies in markets, and of course, in one of the best picks among Peruvian souvenirs, ponchos. Once you get to the mountain, you will realize it looks like an enormous poncho-covered peak, a visual pleasure for your eyes and your mind. But that is the end of the road, let’s review together with the route to the mountain.

Steps to the Peak

The starting point of this trip is the cosmopolitan city of Cusco. Experienced hikers know that you must wake up early and ride a van up to the starting point of the hike. Anyways, your professional tour guide will provide the instructions to everyone in order to have newcomers and experts safely enjoy the trek.

New landscapes will be in front of you as the vehicle takes a detour to the Layo district. Intricate mountain shapes, subtle changes in vegetation, and the classic Cuzquenian sunny sky over the intrepid visitors. Three miles later, you will start your hike to the Rainbow Mountain. Isn’t everybody excited?

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The Vinicunca and Palccoyo experiences were your guides in the path of patience and endurance. This time, your memory will bring back your hiking tricks so you can feel the irregularity of the terrain, remember the birds by their trills or find the right spot to enjoy a refreshing sip of water.

Enjoying and Soaring Pallay Punchu

The story of your eyes looking to the poncho-colored mountain for the first time will be unique just as you really are. At that moment, some adventurers will not be able to even say a word and others will not resist the impulse to express that feeling through photography, dance, singing, or any kind of art. Any soreness will fade away as the clouds of the deep blue morning sky do. Sit on the ground, hug the enormous mountain, kiss your partner, have a glass of champagne, and celebrate love and nature.

It is said luxury is having what you need before you realize you need it. View Peru aims to create a perfect personalized travel experience for you and your travel companion. Enjoy this novel destination with View Latin America on your side. Contact us now!

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