Hiking the Pallay Punchu Rainbow Mountain in Peru

I bet you are pretty energyzed after discovering the newest spot to have a new adventure in the world. The Pallay Punchu hike, named after colorful ponchos, is a destination that mixes safe hikes and wonderful Andean dream mountains. Hundreds of travelers will follow the road through the multicolored range, but yours, will be the most comfortable one.

Luxury Steps to the Pallay Punchu Mountain

Your feet will be on four wheels and over the country road as well. What is the best way to enjoy a van ride by Peruvian highlands? Lying comfortably in your seat, looking for the best shoot for your profile or listening to the ancient tales of the origins of the mountain… Just name it, and you will have it. The three-hour ride from Cusco City via the Puno Highway will last a couple of minutes as you relax or entertain in this first step.

Pallay Punchu

Once you get off the vehicle, it is time to breathe and feel all the energy of the Andes. Listen to the instructions of your private tour guide, strike a winner’s pose and start hiking. Even though there’s no red carpet, the red-hued soil under your feet is just like a long luxurious way to your destination. Of course you will love it!

Finally, after two hours of thoughts, stories, feelings and water, the Pallay Punchu Mountain will arise in your sight. The breathtaking poncho-colored mountain stands eternal and elegant. Be silent. Get lost in the surrounding natural beauty and give it meaning with no spoken word. You have reached one more destination safely. Congratulations.

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Enjoying the Pallay Punchu Hike

Depending on what you are looking for, you will get the best of this hike in different ways. Those in the pursuit of pleasure can close their eyes and play with the hug of the wind and the dance of the breeze. If you are seeking for stories, pay attention to your exclusive tour guide’s words and let the landscape give them meaning and soul. Nature lovers will entertain themselves contemplating the subtle changes of vegetal species mile to mile or the different colors of minerals in the mountain. What will be your adventure in this path?

Rainbown Moutain Apu taqllo

Definitely, your daredevil self will be haunted in its own way by the new Rainbow Mountain. Either an intrepid photographer, a sophisticated sportsman or a wise nomad, your eyes will find the variety, challenge or peace you are expecting. Enjoy!

Travel with Comfort

View Peru´s luxury hiking tours division, is ready for the new trends on traveling. Peru reveals its hidden natural gems, and we share them with you. Do you know that it is possible to have a hot shower after your hike over 15400 feet with the sound of the drops on your skin and the silence of the mountain range? Of course we are ready to depict your freedom and curiosity in photography. We can make your dream trip come true all around Peru! Our travel experts will love to hear from you!

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