10 Reasons Cusco is Full of Adventures besides Machu Picchu in 2021

What to do in cusco besides machu picchu?

View Peru knows Machu Picchu is the most known destination in Peru. However, once the visit is done our customers ask what to do in Cusco besides the world wonder. Fortunately, every corner of the city and its surroundings have extra adventures for you.

01 Weather of Cusco

The first adventure comes from the sky. During the rainy season (December to March), water drop falling is practically unpredictable. Although locals know there is the chance of rain every day, the sky can be in a radiant blue for a moment and then with heavy rain after.

What to wear and where to stay? This is a challenge for the true adventurer.

02 Souvenir Frenzy

Those with the gift of choosing the perfect present for a loved one will have a good time learning about souvenirs in Peru. Alpaca fabric, stone sculptures, illustrated books or the classic Peruvian chess. Bargaining is allowed, and if you know enough of Spanish, be prepared to find the best deals and stories behind these special items.

03 The Dream Train

Have you ever wondered what to do before arriving a world wonder? The Hiram Bingham Luxury Train was named after the adventurer professor who discovered Machu Picchu. Back in 1910, he felt the pleasure of finding a treasure, now you will enjoy a finely decorated wagon, gourmet service, live music show, and panoramic views at a slow pace. Two different adventures with a common destination.

what to do in cusco besides machu picchu

04 You can find a Rainbow

What if a beautiful rainbow fell from the sky and turned the eternal mountains in the Andes into a mysterious range of colored peaks? A one-hour hike will let you forget about everything but a silent landscape looking for the Palcoyo and Vinicunca Rainbow Mountains.

Collect some rocks, take amazing pictures and selfies, ride a horse in the Andes and touch this magical soil. This 2021 is for nature lovers!

05 Festive Days are Unique

People of Cusco love celebrating. June 24th, in which both the Inti Raymi Festival and the city anniversary take place, is the most energetic day in the calendar. You can watch the crowds dance and art from a balcony or join the party seated near the main stage of the live show of the Inti Raymi in the Sacsayhuaman Fortress.

what to do in cusco besides machu picchu

06 Extreme Sports are Fun

Although hiking is a peaceful activity, you can wish for a more intense experience for next year. View Peru will grant you and your travel companion a 4-day luxurious Inca Trail that combines historical stone stairs and places over 13 800 feet! Besides Machu Picchu, you will witness the archaeological treasures as you follow your adventurer’s heart.

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Of course, if you have already booked the Inca Trail, we have more options! Miraflores, the most elegant area of Lima, has a paraglide with your name waiting for you. Your Peruvian adventure can showcase amazing pictures of Lima, Peruvian food and the Pacific Ocean on the same day.

07 Landscapes for Picture Seekers

Luxury taste suits with magnificent, isolated landscapes. You will tell your friends how hard it was to climb over a mountain or wait for the exact amount of sunlight to capture masterpieces such as the turquoise Humantay lagoon or the fine architecture of the Cathedral.

Don’t you want to go further in the pursuit of beauty? Your camera can capture more instants besides the classic Machu Picchu portrait. Smiling children in Uros Island, fresh baked t’anta wawa bread in Cusco, young flirting Marinera dancers in Lima or a new and brilliant Peruvian coin in the airport.

08 Food and Drink Treasures for You

It is very known that Peruvian cuisine is so famous that every expert traveler must try. It is not only because of the intense flavors and long history, but also the new perspectives for the future of culinary.

You can choose which path of knowledge to choose: a top-notch dinner in the world-class Maido or Central (before your arrival to Cusco) or follow your instinct and get into the top picks of refined travelers in the city of the Incas.

09 Art as an Adventure

Peruvian creativity has evolved incredibly since the earliest human civilizations in its territory. Your fine taste in the art will be useful to find and appreciate the most expressive or delicate pieces brought from imagination to reality.

Museums provide a spiritual and mental challenge to understand the meanings behind fine golden necklaces, ritual knives, complex decoration pots, and finely painted clay jars. Our tour guides will show you how the people of Cusco brought beauty to life before and today.

Sacred Valley Romantic 1
Sacred-Valley-Romantic 2021

10 Peaceful Moments

Do you know how to face slow times to enjoy true peace? We all live on the same fast-spinning planet but time in Cusco is more gentle. If the world of economics, intense work, or deep research is going faster than enough, then what you need to do is have a seat a listen to the long story of people in Cusco. Artisans, cooks, students, tour guides, farmers, everyone wants to share their life experiences in a spiritual adventure.

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