What about dinners and fun in Lima & Cusco?

This article is dedicated to those foodies in Peru, If you are looking for a country where there are colors, sensations, experiences, aromas, a lot of fun, and incredible feelings to live in? This is Peru, where you will find all want you want and all that you never thought to know.

Besides the huge culture, history, archeology, and immense jungle; Peru has very much more

Lima, the capital of the country, Zesty and colorful, Lima’s cuisine will leave any traveler in taste bud bliss with traditional Peruvian dishes and decadent street food selections. Lima is, therefore, the ideal destination for lovers of Peruvian gastronomy, since one finds almost all types of dishes.

Foodies in Perú

In contrast, Lima is framed as a hub of gastronomic capital where a handful of elite chefs have the expertise and vision necessary to transform these raw materials into valuable dishes worthy of a coveted spot on an award-winning restaurant’s tasting menu.

This important city has so many restaurants of very different styles that could be hard to mention all, but there are a lot of restaurants with a great history and reputation. To start we can mention Astrid & Gaston (gourmet food), La Mar (with specialties in seafood); Madame Tusan (Chinese food); Panchita & Tanta; all these restaurants belong to Gaston Acurio, the best Peruvian chef and ambassador of the Peruvian Cuisine. Also, Lima has the famous Rosa Nautica; Central, Isolina, Maita, Maido (with incredible Japanese food); Rafael; Larco Museum Coffee.

Also, there are more populares restaurants such as El Bodegon; Pescados Capitales; Mayta; La Taberna Queirola, Siete Sopas, La Lucha

As you can imagine, almost in each block of many areas of the capital, you can find where to eat in the best possible way. You can no lose the opportunity to try the famous Ceviche, the Lomo Saltado, the Papa a la Huancaina; The Picarones and an incredible much more dishes

Now, if we have to talk about the entertainment and fun in Lima, it has a lot of tourist places to visit such as the historic center; the very different museums; some archaeological sites; some bohemian areas; the water magic circuit and for the evenings, there are lots of pubs and bars: Just to mention some of them, we have Ole Bar restaurant; Tayta; Huaringas bar; L’Orient Express bar; La Noche bar; Gotica; Xcess Larcomar and so…..

Let’s change to Cusco, the main capital of the Inca Empire. A well as Lima, this historic city has too much to offer for the nights with many differences such as locations, flavors, music and so. Set high up in the Andean peaks, atmospheric food venues abound and some of Peru’s leading chefs can be found serving up a mouth-watering regional fare and international specialties.

foodies in peru

Here are some of the ten best. Pachapapa, a rustic restaurant with traditional Andean cuisine. Cicciolina is a charming venue split between a low-key tapas bar and an intimate candle-lit restaurant. With an open-plan kitchen, the menu offers many Mediterranean flavors, with tasty small plates of pan-fried scallops and squid-ink pasta that work as perfect accompaniments to a glass of fine vintage from the bodega’s extensive collection. Chicha, Named after the ancient corn beer of the Incas. The restaurant overlooks the town’s beguiling Plaza Regocijo. Seafood fans will love the delicious trout ceviche (fish cooked in lime juice and chili) or the tender grilled octopus while the Lomo Saltado, a Peruvian specialty of flash-fried spicy strips of sirloin. Limo, Bar, Restaurant, Peruvian, Asian, Fusion, Contemporary. Boasting an unbeatable view over Cusco’s thriving central Plaza de Armas. The kitchen specializes in Peruvian-Asian seafood dishes with fantastic sushi and tiradito, Peru’s very own version of sashimi. MAP Café, Fine dining, and culture are combined at MAP Café, an elegant eatery that is located within the city’s Pre-Columbian art museum. The place does a superb version of chicken estofado while its irresistible desserts resemble more objects d’art than edible treats. There are also, Calle del Medio; Greens Organics; Uchu; Morena; Kion; La Bodega and much more.

And to fun to dance and drink, there are Limbus Restobar; La Fabrica Sports bar; Paddy’s Irish Pub; Museo del Pisco; Nuevo Mundo bar; Barranco Beer Company and so

As said, Cusco is not only history, culture, archaeology; but it is fun with very good food

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