Luxury, Glamour & Delicatessen in Peru

Embark one of our luxury tours to Peru. Really, traveling to Peru is already a luxury. Its people are a luxury for their kindness and sincerity and that you will not find in others country

Drive through your imagination and discover that your dreams come true. Find all Peru has to offer from passionate experts The expectations that await us once we touch Peruvian soil are many and we are not exaggerating….

View Peru and Signatures Will help you to get around explore the luxuries that this beautiful country has. And this start since we arrive at our hotel in Lima. Peru counts with hotels of very high-top standards and that will satisfy any demanding passenger Peru is a colorful land of textiles, ancient ruins, and incredible culture. It’s also home to one of the world favorite foods as well as its wool that is considered the world’s most luxurious fabric.

You are able to sleep in a palace

take a cuisine class with a local chef, or indulge in a spa treatment incorporating ancient Inca ingredients. Peru offers countless luxurious experiences to choose from Start your day in Lima watching the sunrise and the ocean waves and take a delicious and fortifying breakfast at the Miraflores Park hotel or Marriott Lima hotel. As you see, Peru counts with international luxury hotel chains as well as themed hotels very well located as Hotel B housed in a Belle Époque mansion designed in 1914. Though not as old as some of the country’s more historic properties, the mansion served as the president’s personal getaway in the 1920s, and the Italian marble and glittering chandeliers evoke a glamorous era; located in the hip neighborhood of Barranco.

facade museum art lima peru

Also, and in the same Lima, you can try very nice and deluxe hotels as Lima Country Club located in the very exclusive San Isidro Area. The Atemporal boutique hotel; warm and intimate with a sophisticated feel with nine gorgeous rooms welcomes discerning guests as friends; a private hideaway located in the Miraflores area and so many others like Villa Barranco; Ife boutique hotel; Lima Swisshotel; the Westin Lima hotels and some more

Luxury Tours to Peru

It is a must to combine your stay to Lima visiting the world-famous museums like Larco Museum; Mate Museum owned by the world’s photographer Mario Testino; Pedro de Osma Museum; Art Museum and much more. Also, you have to go to the exclusive shops of alpaca and vicuña wool as Sol Alpaca; Kuna Alpaca and so. And finally, but very important, to try the Peruvian food. As CNN travel says. – “Naming
the world’s greatest gourmet city is the kind of confoundingly simple challenge that foodies could spend all night fighting over. Yet now there is a new candidate for the title, one that until recently few associated with haute cuisine but which has been taking the gastronomical world by storm: Lima. Since the turn of the millennium, the Peruvian capital has been the epicenter of an increasingly acclaimed culinary renaissance. So, you have to include is your Musts… Central; Astrid & Gaston; Osso; Rafael; Malabar; La Mar; Chez Wong; Maido; Amaz and so many other places with great cuisine.

palto tipico
plato tipico / tipical food

Leaving Lima and flying to another magnificent place, where is located one of the world’s wonders, you arrive in Cusco city, the center of the former Inca Empire which was voted the best city in Central and South America by Travel + Leisure readers in this year’s World’s Best Awards.

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The city where you will fall in love. As KimKim says, a city where you can sleep like a king in a palace as some hotels were converted palaces and mansions that date back centuries. Now they’ve been updated to include everything from Egyptian cotton sheets to spacious en-suite bathrooms lined with locally sourced stone, not to mention a mini-fridge stocked with cold champagne. And oxygen enrichment in every room, should you feel
short of breath at high altitudes.

You are able to find all these facilities at Belmond Palacio Nazarenas; Palacio del Inka; Palacio Manco Capac; Cusco JW Marriott hotel In this magical city you can also afford to travel to Machupicchu, the 7th World Wonder onboard the Belmond Hiram Bingham (named for the American explorer who discovered the lost Inca city long after it was abandoned) is the company’s most luxurious service, featuring welcome cocktails and live music on board. In detail, this very deluxe train includes everything since cocktails with open bar, meals, live music, souvenirs, guided services and so.

Also, you can climb aboard a Luxury train at the first luxury sleeper train
in South America; the Belmond Andean Explorers that runs from Cusco to Puno and Cusco to Arequipa. Is obvious that this is the beginning in Cusco not to mention the super special spas that its towns have, its restaurants, bars, streets, and a lot of much more; but we have to mention other deluxe places to mention as the Amazon Jungle, where you are able to make a journey abording the Delfin Amazon Cruises or Aqua Expeditions that are two companies that make the trip from Iquitos. Services vary, but some vessels have spas and swimming pools, plus fine food and wine. The tradeoff is worth noting: larger luxury boats can’t navigate down the smaller tributaries, where some of the Amazon’s best wildlife viewing is found.

wagon hiram bingham train cusco
wagon-hiram-bingham-train-cusco 2021

It is impossible to forget mention very close to Lima, the National Paracas Reserve that is a is a protected natural area consisting of desert, ocean, and islands as well as the Nazca Lines that are a group of very large geoglyphs made in the soil of the Nazca Desert in southern Peru. They were created between 500 BCE and 500 CE by people making depressions or shallow incisions in the desert floor, removing pebbles, and leaving differently colored dirt exposed.

But really as I began the article, Peru has too many places to discover as Titicaca lake, the world’s highest lake navigable to large vessels, lying at 12,500 feet (3,810 meters) above sea level in the Andes Mountains of South America, astride the border between Peru to the west and Bolivia to the east as well as Colca Canyon, located in Arequipa; the deepest on the Earth besides landscapes of indescribable beauty is one of the best…..Impossible to finish; impossible!!

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