Different Inca Trail Tour Companies

What makes us different?

We are so different than the other trekking tour operators as we do offer luxury and pleasure creating the complete satisfaction.  All that you want to experience leave it in our hands, our very specialist sales team will create the most perfect program for you and your friends

Your dreamed trip will come true in our hands. Whether for your trip as a couple, honeymoon, anniversary, family trip or a simple trip with friends; we can make everything possible for your trip in the incredible Peruvian Mountains

Touring our beautiful landscapes with beautiful structures, archaeological centers, discovering hidden corners and a thousand other things makes this trip a hidden treasure

The Inca Trail with fine details, gourmet food, luxury and glamour, here we are.  Live our Glamping, a very deluxe service with huge details, the best cuisine and all the glamour you will expect

Our incredible differences are shown especially in our trekking tours because they are visibly demonstrated in every detail that our passengers receive from the first minute, they communicate with us until the day of their departure and even much later since our wish is that they return to visit us again

At the famous Inca Trail of 4 days trek, discover and enjoy an isolated trail plastered of legitimate Inca archaeological complexes, wide variety of Andean flora and fauna, challenging Mountain passes and perfect memories. Explore ceremonial centers, visit typical communities as Socma, natural wonders like Perolniyoc waterfall and picture the impressive methods which the Incas used to move huge rocks from the Cachicata quarry to Ollantaytambo town

Have early breakfasts with the sound of the little birds.  Trek for short and long ways.  Discover a luxury campsite with the very best comfort, specially tents for dine, kitchen, rooms, bathrooms, yoga sessions and so.  Relax and relish with a hot shower and a session of relaxing massages. Visit our dining tent for an organic gourmet dinner and rest with the magical silence of nature in your private luxury heated bedroom tent.

Your will enter on a magical experience; one that will transport you to view the majestic architecture of the great Incas’ civilization. Prepare to be delighted with this unique experience that will transport you to the time of the history and culture. Regress back in time, and witness their settlements, tunnels and Inca ruins along the way up to the moment of discover the Lost City of the Incas, the Seventh wonder of the world, Machu Picchu 

In what also lies our big difference? In the attention we pay to the acquisition of supplies when we go on treks. What we pay the most attention to is that the supplies must be of a gourmet level, therefore the ingredients must be of the highest quality.  Our very demanding chef and his team leave days before to verify that everything they need is as it should be. They take special care in fruit, vegetables, meats of different types since everything is prepared in each place, nothing is taken from the city

All our tours are offered in private service, that is, with a special transport as well as a private professional guide and his crew. From the beginning of the communication with the passenger, every detail is carefully prepared. The coordination goes from the internal staff with the actual communications, continuing with the hotels (chosen according to the preferences of the passengers); carefully selected transports; the supplies that will be used in the meals both in the hotels and in the walks that must end in the presentation of gourmet meals by a great chef and his team; as well as the human team that will accompany the passengers throughout their stay. Everything, everything is scrupulously cared for; that also makes us different



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