Luxury Classic Inca Trail – 5 Days


Prepare to be delighted with this unique experience, Our Luxury Glamping Machu Picchu and Inca Trail Tour, that will transport you to the time of the great Incas’ civilization, where you will explore through the same original trail and rediscover settlements, tunnels and a lot of Inca ruins along the way. It is a fact […]
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We have a expert team of travel specialists, who have all turned their passion for travel into a vocation. Between them, they have visited nearly every corner of Peru and Bolivia.


We curate tailor-made, truly individual travel experiences for our clients. View Latin America approach leaves our travellers with unforgettable memories.


At every stage of your holiday, from inception to conclusion, a View Latin America hand will be there to guide you.


View Latin America is the Operator of all your experiences in Peru and Bolivia, This ensures a seamless holiday experience.


• Trek starting time: 09:30 am
• Arrival to campsite: 16:30 pm
• Minimum altitude: Km 82 – 2675 masl/ 8776.3 ft.
• Maximum altitude: Wayllabamba campsite – 2970 masl/9744.1 ft.
• Distance covered: 11 kms/6.8 mls (6 hours walking approx.)
• Difficulty: Moderate.
• Meals included: Snacks, lunch, tea time and dinner.

Our exciting adventure for today will start early in the morning from your Cusco hotel. After having your first early breakfast there (or you may require them a box breakfast and you can have it along the way), our expert guide will welcome you and escort you in our private transportation to Km 82, which is the trekking start point. After a 2 hours trip and before arriving Km 82 we will make a short stop at Ollantaytambo town (2792 mts/9160.1 ft) a to get supplies that you need at the last moment or use the restrooms.
Once here, we will appreciate the beautiful landscape and learn about its population and surroundings, also to get supplies that you need at the last moment or use the restrooms. Following the program, we will drive for another 40 mins. and reach Km 82 or Piscacucho (2675 mts/8776.3 ft), here our porters and support staff along with all the camping equipment, will prepare all the final details and make sure that everything is ready to deliver a memorable experience for us. Afterwards, we will officially start our adventure following the same ancient steps of the Incas. If you require it in advance, we will provide you with a pair of standard walking sticks to support you during the hike, with the help of your guide you will learn the correct technique to use them making sure your knees are well cared.

Once we are ready to go, we will start our amazing hike passing through various archaeological sites and seeing lavish vegetation and fauna, learning about them and taking stunning photos on the process. After a 4 hours hike we will arrive to Tarayoc site (2675 mts/8776.3 ft) and placidly have our sumptuous lunch and recover energies.We will continue a 2 hours hike towards the village of Wayllabamba (2970 mts/9744.1 ft) where our luxury campsite will be waiting for us. Before dinner, you will have the opportunity to have a well-earned hot shower and then, our massage tent is ready for a session of relaxing massages that will ease your body and mind; our professional therapists use organic essential oils to help you relax and loosen your muscles.

Then, it is time to visit our dining tent for a fantastic gourmet dinner prepared with organic food from the region by some of our best chefs and served by a special waiter for your personalized attention. Meanwhile, your bedroom tent will be waiting for you to enjoy a comfortable evening surrounded by nature and mountains.


After our early and hearty breakfast, we will initiate our 1.5 hours hike towards the Ravine of Ayapata (3328 mts/10918.7 ft), as we climb over the ravine and suddenly we will be walking in the middle of a forest with a stream of crystalline waters aside the road, following another 3 hours and resting periodically in different places, so you can catch your breath and reach our lunch and resting place called Llulluchapampa (3760 mts/12335.9 ft). Here we will have our exquisite picnic lunch appreciating spectacular views; from here we will catch a glimpse of Warmiwañusca Pass (mostly known as Death Woman’s Pass for its appearance of woman lying on her side).

Once is time, we will keep walking up for another 2.5 hours in order to reach the top of the Warmiwañusca Pass located at 4215 mts/13828.7 ft., the ascent is made of a set of cobbled steps which were disposed to protect the mountains from erosion. In the process, you can walk at your own pace stopping whenever you prefer as this last stretch will be a bit difficult but will definitely worth it. Upon our arrival we will appreciate the magnificent travelled path and on the other side the Pacaymayo ravine, with the help of your guide you will be able to take some heroic photos as you had accomplished the highest point of our escapade. Following the route, we will begin the descent to Pacaymayo Ravine for 2 hours more and arrive to Pacaymayo campsite (3500 mts/11482.9 ft) at last.
For a second time, our hot shower and massage tent will be at your disposal, when it is time for our dinner you can share your fantastic photos with your guide and then relish on your bedroom tent for a restful and soundly sleep.

• Wake-up time: 05:30 am
• Trek starting time: 07:00 am
• Arrival to campsite: 17:00 pm
• Minimum altitude: Ayapata site – 3328 masl/ 10918.7 ft.
• Maximum altitude: Warmiwañusca Pass – 4215 masl/13828.7 ft.
• Distance covered: 9 kms/5.6 mls (9 hours walking approx.)
• Difficulty: Challenging.
• Meals included: Breakfast, snacks, lunch, tea time and dinner.


• Wake-up time: 05:00 am
• Trek starting time: 08:00 am
• Arrival to campsite: 16:30 pm
• Minimum altitude: Chaquicocha site – 3535 masl/ 11597.8 ft.
• Maximum altitude: Runkurakay Pass – 3955 masl/12975.7 ft.
• Distance covered: 9 kms/5.6 mls (5.5 hours walking approx.)
• Difficulty: Moderate.
• Meals included: Breakfast, snacks, lunch, tea time and dinner.

After you have reposed, it is time to enjoy another one of a kind experience, having a 30-40 mins. yoga session leaded by our expert therapists shrouded on the mystery of the tranquil ravine and imposing mountains. Then, we will take a hot shower, a boost of energy with our hearty breakfast and be ready for the 1 hour hike through the paved and well-maintained slope to the ruins of Runkurakay, an ancestral Inca structure with circular shape and just at the edge of the mountain where we will have a short explanation
Following for another hour approx. we reach the Second Pass called Runkurakay as well (3955 mts/12975.7 ft) Being a wide platform of exceptional views, from here, most of the Inca trail is seen downhill; this will definitely be an impressive sight.

Along our 1 hour gradual descent we will feel how the wind meander in the hillside while we will find a long seaweed-covered lake and have the opportunity to take some beautiful photos. Then, the road will become narrow and zigzag-shaped until we reach our next stop which is the impressive Inca Town of Sayacmarca (3585 mts/11761.8 ft) After having our informative explanation from our guide, we will continue descending for another hour to Chaquicocha (3535 mts/11597.8 ft) to find our well-organized staff waiting with our gourmet lunch.

After finishing the luscious lunch, we will move ahead for 2.5 hours through the incredibly well-preserved path to Phuyupatamarca Pass (3640 mts/11942.3 ft), we will traverse a small tunnel made of stone and witness the overwhelming views of the surrounding valleys and mountains; just a few meters above is our next official campsite called Phuyupatamarca as well (3670 mts/12040.7 ft). Upon our arrival and for the last time in this opportunity, our highly-skilled staff will be providing the best services along the Inca Trail. Our suggestion for this afternoon is to have a hot shower before your already-known relaxing massage and then, move on the fabulous gourmet dinner served in our dining tent. Being this the last night with all of our crew, we recommend you to share a final toast with them, for bringing all of the outstanding quality service throughout this exciting experience. Cheers! or, as we say here Salud!


We hope that you had enjoyed all the gorgeous hike so far, and this day will require the final effort of waking up very early to have the succulent breakfast at 04:30 am approx. and follow the final portion of the hike. After a 3 hours hike we will arrive to Wiñaywayna archaeological site (2650 mts/8694.2 ft) which is named for the beautiful orchid that abounds in the area and that means “Forever young”, we will keep on through steep stairs for about 1.5 hours to reach the Sun’s Gate or Intipunku (2750 mts/9022.3 ft) from here we will see why the hike is worth it as we will be rewarded with astonishing views of Machu Picchu and the surrounding valley as the sun is rising. Following this dreamy spectacle, we will initiate the hike down to Machu Picchu for another hour. Finally, we will reach the icing on the cake for this trip, Machu Picchu (2430 mts/7972.4 ft) In this ultimate destination, our well-informed guide will provide a complete tour explaining about the magnificent history behind this World Wonder, accompanied by your guide reveal all its enigmas, secrets and theories about its unique construction and environment. Once you have solved all of your doubts and take all the perfect photos you will have some time to explore the site at your own leisure.

When you have already accomplished your tour, a delightful lunch at Belmond Sanctuary Lodge hotel is included with our unprecedented program. Once you finish, we will transfer you to your hotel depending on your selection. After you had settled at your hotel and coordinated with your guide the pick-up time for the following day, it’s time for a well-deserved dinner and to have a restful sleep in a luxurious room.
• Wake-up time: 04:00 am
• Trek starting time: 05:30 am
• Arrival to Machu Picchu citadel: 11:30 am
• Minimum altitude: Machu Picchu citadel – 2430 masl/ 7972.4 ft.
• Maximum altitude: Intipunku site – 2750 masl/9022.3 ft.
• Distance covered: 8 kms/4.9 mls (5.5 hours walking approx.)
• Difficulty: Moderate.
• Meals included: Breakfast, snacks, lunch and dinner (only included with your hotel accomodation on luxury and premium categories)


• Pick up time: 07:00 am
• Tour starting time: 08:00 am
• Arrival to Cusco: 21:56 pm
• Minimum altitude: Aguas Calientes Town – 2070 masl/6791.3 ft.
• Maximum altitude: Machu Picchu citadel – 2430 masl/ 7972.4 ft.
• Difficulty: Easy.
• Meals included: Breakfast, lunch, Hiram
Bingham tea time and dinner on board.

Early in the morning, our knowledgeable guide will pick you up from your hotel in order to catch the bus up to the citadel for a 30 mins ride and, if weather allows it, see the sunrise over this Lost City of the Incas. Sometimes and especially in high season (April to July) we will have to be patient as the queues to go up to this World Wonder will be longer than expected, but with the help of your qualified guide and a bit of good humor there is nothing impossible!
Today’s tour will supplement the information provided yesterday by our knowledgeable guide, you can clear up any concern that you may have and let yourself be carried away by the enchantment of this fascinating place. Then, you will have plenty of time to explore on your own or even do another short hike to experience Machu Picchu from a different perspective, for instance you can choose to hike Huayna Picchu Mountain for a great panoramic view and uncover different archaeological sites or climb Machu Picchu Mountain to enjoy this ancient wonder from the highest vantage point in almost complete solitude. Please take in mind that these hikes are unguided and require an additional cost, if you are interested please consult with your travel specialist as we need to check availability far in advance. Also, if you feel that you have not had enough of Machu Picchu yet and you need a third afternoon visit it is possible to get an extra entrance fee to Machu Picchu (this option is available only if you have lunch at Belmond Sanctuary Lodge).

To end your time at Machu Picchu, enjoy a delightful lunch at the Belmond Sanctuary Lodge Hotel part of this fabulous program. Later you will take the bus departing back to Aguas Calientes, to following proceed to board your train. Upon arrival, our View Latin America representative will collect you in our private vehicle and take you to your hotel in Cusco.






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At Superior Class$7.077$3.931$3.070$2.717
At Deluxe Class$6.078$3.226$2.656$2.385


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    Hiram Bingham

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  • Flat Camping Cot

  • Air Beds

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  • 1 Yogga Session

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    Indulge yourself with the finest service and upscale accommodations. Feel like sleeping in the hotel, like dining in the restaurant ... but among the magic of the Andes! Would you like a glass of Champagne? Have a wellness moment through Yoga? The this is the ideal package for you!


    Explore, discover and be soothed with our outstanding facilities. First class service, with unique details. A good massage and good wine. Enjoy a massage service every night for about 30 minutes, also sleep in our characteristic cozy sleeping tent, gourmet food, and so much more.


    Delving into high-end camping and first-class service along a reasonable price. Have the privilege of sleeping in a large tent as if it were a room, and instead of just a sleeping bag, have a portable bed. Gourmet food for your delight; A glass of wine overnight.


    Hiking along the Andes with comfort and style. Are you looking for comfort along a fairly price? Then this is for you! A spacious tent with an air mattress armed on the floor as if it were a bed. Standard meals accompanied with one glass of wine will be served for you!


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