Where is Peru? And other facts you may not know

Peru has been endowed with a magnificent geographical location and an incomparable cultural background making every Peruvian feel proud. On this article we will present you the things that perhaps you do not know about Peru and the reasons why it has become so famous.

Defining Peru is extremely difficult as it is so many things…so many places and people.

We can start from the coast, the jungle and the Andes…say is rich from north to south with amazing flora and fauna, unique species and a historical and cultural legacy that simply are priceless. All these makes it the perfect destination of South America for many, let’s discover together everything there is to know of this wonderful country.

General Facts

  • Extension area: 1,285,215 square km
  • Population: 32.17 million
  • Capital: Lima
  • Currency: Nuevo Sol (s/.)
  • Official languages: Spanish, Quechua and Aymara

What is Peru famous for?

Most people know about Peru due to Machu Picchu one of the seven wonders, perhaps by seeing one of the national geographic documentaries about the mysterious Nazca Lines or the impressive and world’s largest…Amazon river that is born in Peru passing through Colombia and Brazil.

Of course, Peru is more than that and we want you to discover some of the most interesting and fun facts you may not know about Peru

1. Rainbow Mountains in Cusco

Due to Instagram and influencer word, the rainbow mountains have gain an unmeasurable attention and surely Cusco was not the exception. We can find the precious Vinicunca Rainbow Mountain that can be done in a full day from the city and Palcoyo, the Rainbow Mountain Range where three mountain featuring the rainbow colors similar to Vinicunca.

2. There are 6408 varieties of Potatoes in Peru

According to the INEI, this is the quantity of registered Andean potatoes at the moment. 36% of them are originally from Cusco and the rest come from different regions of the country.

3. Titicaca Lake is the world’s highest navigable Lake

Located in the Altiplano of Peru and Bolivia, the Titicaca Lake is truly the world’s highest navigable lake, that shelters different communities such as the Uros, Taquile, Amantani, Llachon and others.

4. Do Peruvians eat genie pig?

In some regions of Peru, genie pig is a delicacy eaten on especial occasions.

5. Pisco and Pisco Sour more Peruvians than potatoes!

The Peruvian National distillate and National drink, are something that you must try. Even though Peru and Chile shared the Pisco origin designation, there is a town named Pisco in the southest of Peru and its elaboration is very different in comparison to our neighbor’s one.

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6. Quipus: The Incas counting system

Quipus means knots, although for many years was believed that the Quipus kept numerical information for accounting purposes, recent investigations showed that it was also Inca writing.

7. Paraqay: The biggest white corn kernels grow in Urubamba

The people of Urubamba in Cusco take pride on having the biggest white corn kernels that had been call Paraway since ancient times and has a delicious taste! Notes aside It’s tradition to eat this white corn with cheese.

8. Cotahuasi Canyon: the deepest canyon in the world. 

The amazing Cotahuasi is also located in Arequipa along the famous Colca Canyon which in fact is the second deepest in the world.

9. Peru has the longest left handed wave in the world!

This is perfect news for the surf lovers, as in the northern beaches the paradise for honeymooners and surfers there is a small town called Chicama boasting the world’s longest left handed wave which measures about 4 km

10. Uros the floating islands of Titicaca Lake

In the Titicaca Lake lives and ancient community called Uros, they have inhabited the islands for centuries now. They were a nomad community that tired of the conflicts with the other villages on the shore decide to move inside the lake.

They started building their boats out of Totora reeds, but later on they also start building entire islands including their houses and everything they needed. It is really a spectacle to see and visit this amazing floating islands.

11. Peru has 28 of the 30 climates in the world

 We all can agreed that Peru has an enormous biodiversity and this is part of the climate and microclimates that possess spread in the coast, jungle and andes. For instance, 90 microclimates can be found in the different regions of the 117 there are the world and 28 climates of the 30 that exists. That of course explained why Peru is so rich and unique when it comes to its flora and fauna.

12. The ugliest dog is Peruvian!

The Peruvian dog is considered ugliest dog in our contemporary days perhaps for its lack of hair, nonetheless pre Colombian cultures such as Chimu where these dogs were highly appreciated and we can also found them in its pottery.

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