Ways to get to Machu Picchu: Advice for Luxury Travelers

You are just some weeks away of the most glamorous time. Machu Picchu, the ancient stone citadel built on the top of a sacred mountain, is the next destination in your luxury travel bucket list. Even if you are an experienced traveler, a piece of advice can enhance your stay. How far do you want to take pleasure and comfort?

Arriving the land of the Incas

Peru, in the western coast of South America, is the land in which the evolution of ancient cultures can be seen through a wealth of archaeological remains. The most iconic, Machu Picchu, is visited all year round in two main ways, a train trip and via the Inca Trail.

Before your adventure time, you must get off your plane in Lima, the capital city of Peru in the center of the coastal strip. International flights usually arrive in the early morning in order to connect to the first flights to Cusco, the nearest city to the ruins. However, all this airport frenzy can be softened extending you itinerary and enjoying one of more days in Lima. Colonial heritage and top-notch restaurants will be your reward for your patience.

Once you are able to take a deep breath of pure Andean air in Cusco, keep an eye on your health. Probably, you have been warned about the importance of acclimation, so you have two choices to feel yourself comfortable. Spending a day in the city with as few as possible physical effort (avoiding hikes or climbing stairs several times the first day) or staying in a comfy lodge in the warm Sacred Valley of the Incas. Among benefits of changing your accommodation from Cusco to this cozy and warm natural spot, you can spend your initial days in the Andes in a lower place (roughly 1600 feet less) away of the crowded streets of the cosmopolitan city.

Tips for Luxury Train Tours

Now, back to our choices to get to the Inca world wonder, in case you opt for the Hiram Bingham Luxury train, any worry will turn away as you just have to amuse with the carefully crafted experience with all your senses. Do not forget to bring your passport and be on time in the train station!

On board entertaining includes an observation carriage in which you can appreciate the changing temperatures and wilderness as the train moves forward in slow pace. Quite an unforgettable experience for young and adult travelers who love nature and knowledge. Live music will also spice up your onboard time. Do not miss the chance to dance in a train!

Hiram Bingham Train 2

The train does not arrive in the citadel itself, as all the passengers need to take a bus, exclusive for Hiram Bingham users, up to the ruins. As this is a one-day tour, a wise move would be bringing as few items as you need. Extra luggage can be stored at the entrance of Machu Picchu for an additional charge.

About the Luxury Inca Trail

Finally, intrepid travelers selecting the way of the Inca messengers to Machu Picchu, the Inca Trail, should pack to go glamping for four days. Physical preparation in advance is highly recommendable as well, this includes short walks daily and climbing stairs and hills in areas near your city to get your muscles ready. For specialized advice, ask your doctor for a personalized program.

Bringing items such as altimeters, travel journals, sketching books or binoculars are highly recommended. Luxury allows you to spend your time in your own way, so exploring your hobbies and passions in remote locations will take yourself to a higher level. This is more than a walk or a camp, this trip is a one-of-a-kind treat for you.

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Remember you will have warm dormitory tents, a special shower tent, and massages after each day of hike if you decide to choose us as your travel partners, among many other perquisites in your path to Machu Picchu.

A Piece of Advice during the Machu Picchu Tour

Checking the weather forecast can help you decide whether wearing a raincoat or a short-sleeved sweater. In both cases, you must keep hydrated as the walk through the ruins will require a certain degree of effort. Bringing food to the ruins in prohibited, as well as walking poles with sharp tops, selfies sticks and umbrellas.

Inside the remains, try to go beyond regular tourists and be a real inquisitive visitor. Connect with their story through understanding the reasons behind square buildings, stone artifacts and the crops on the close terraces. Even the small holes in the walls or the distribution of elements have a secret to be unveiled. Look down to compare terrains, raise your eyes to decipher the relation of the sky and the soil, and take a close look to distinguish between different types of stones.

A hat and sunscreen among other protective items will be useful to avoid an excess of sunlight. Ask your tour guide for the exact points in which classical pictures can be taken. Finally, just before you leave this inspiring place, turn around and realize how far you have gone through. Congratulate, thank and smile to yourself.

Going even Further

Of course in your next visit you can try the other way to go Machu Picchu. The next time you can bring your relatives and reinforce your family values through extreme camping, or maybe spend your honeymoon in a high-quality train ride to one of the marvels of ancient times.

Another way to reach your destination is the Salkantay Trek. It can be considered a rougher version of the Inca Trail in which you will be accompanied of the sacred glacier-clad mountain, Salkantay in a 5-day escapade. Furthermore, if you want to study in advance the puzzling story of the Peruvian proud site, local museums like Casa Concha are perfect to amuse yourself prior a cup of coffee from the sub-tropical forest during your acclimation period in Cusco.

Now is time to set aside long-winded explanations and start fantasizing about your fantastic holidays in Peru. Our team is ready to design the perfect luxury way to take you to the main Inca city. Machu Picchu is now in your agenda, let us make the rest.

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