Luxury Hidden Inca Trail – 4 Days


We are proud to be the only Inca Trail company which offers this new unexplored route, join us in this exclusive trail where you will experience a genuine way to hike along the Andes. On this one of a kind trip you will captivate your senses with all the beauty of the Andes in its […]
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We have a expert team of travel specialists, who have all turned their passion for travel into a vocation. Between them, they have visited nearly every corner of Peru and Bolivia.


We curate tailor-made, truly individual travel experiences for our clients. View Latin America approach leaves our travellers with unforgettable memories.


At every stage of your holiday, from inception to conclusion, a View Latin America hand will be there to guide you.


View Latin America is the Operator of all your experiences in Peru and Bolivia, This ensures a seamless holiday experience.


● Trek starting time: 10:30 am
● Arrival to campsite: 17:00 pm
● Minimum altitude: Calca Town – 2925 masl/ 9596.5 ft.
● Maximum altitude: Cochayoq campsite – 3880 masl/12729.7 ft.
● Distance covered: 9 kms/5.6 mls (5.5 hours walking approx.)
● Difficulty: Easy to Moderate.
● Meals included: Snacks, lunch, tea time and dinner.
After having your hearty breakfast at your Cusco hotel (or you may require them a box breakfast to have it along the way), our expert guide will welcome you and accompany you in our private transportation through the Sacred Valley making some stops on the way like Taray Viewpoint. After 1.5 hours, we will reach the picturesque Calca town (2925 mts/9596.5 ft), where you can stroll around and make some last-minute purchases. Next, we will take a 2 hours drive onward to Rosaspata town (3360 mts/ 11023.6 ft) and officially start our upcoming adventure. Upon our arrival, we will meet the horsemen and our guide will provide us the final instructions in order to start our exciting trek.
During the 2.5 hours hike we will appreciate the diverse flora and fauna, especially herds of alpacas, llamas and sheep grazing nearby along with beautiful sceneries of the gorge. We will also see the locals wearing their typical clothing as ponchos and colorful skirts, they base their economy mainly in agriculture and wool textiles. Later we will reach Machuwasi Archaeological site which nowadays is not widely known and part of it is still covered by vegetation. Here, in the middle of nature and with awesome sights of Lares Valley, we will have our savory picnic lunch.
Afterwards, we will continue hiking through the gorge for another 3 hours. This portion of the hike offers different Andean views of the valley as we arrive to Cochayoq community (3880 mts/12729.7 ft) where our luxurious campsite is awaiting us. Here you will find your convenient hot shower tent, followed by a soothing muscle massage session performed by our professional therapists.
Then, it is time to visit our dining tent for a fantastic gourmet dinner prepared with organic food from the region by our high-class chefs. After dinner you can admire the marvelous scenery of the starry night and be delighted by your private luxury heated bedroom tent to recharge some energy and get ready for your second trekking day.


After our restorative sleep and with an early rise, it is time to enjoy another one of a kind experience, having a 30-40 mins. yoga session leaded by our expert therapists shrouded on the mystery of the Lares Valley. Following a succulent energetic breakfast, we will start the most challenging day of the trek. We will climb for 2 hours appreciating the fauna of the Andes (even some eagles if we are lucky) and reach the Yanacocha lagoon or “Black Lagoon” (4210 mts/13812.3 ft) due to its peculiar dark colored water, after taking some precious photos we will continue the hike for another 2.5 hours towards the highest elevation point of the hike, Terihuayjasa Pass (4400 mts/ 14435.7 ft)
Upon our arrival we will be rewarded with magnificent views of the valley, the imposing Terihuayjasa peak (5380 mts/17650.9 ft), gorgeous lagoons and surroundings. We will take this sole opportunity to make a special offering to Mother Earth Pachamama with some gifts like coca leafs, candies, chocolate and beer, thanking her for letting us be there and complete our journey safe and sound. After living this connecting experience, we will have a short celebration of our milestone toasting with a well-deserved glass of champagne.
Once we finish our short celebration, it is time to begin the 1.5 hours descent towards our lunch spot that on this occasion will have a privileged view of Yuraccocha Lagoon or “White Lagoon” (4130 mts/ 13549.9 ft) named for its uncommon blue color contrasting perfectly with the previous lagoon. Here, we will recover our strength with a delicious gourmet lunch and hot beverages.
After our lunch, we will head down for 2.5 hours to our campsite Quelqanqa (3900 mts/12795.3 ft) and encounter for a second time, our hot shower and soothing massages which will be at your disposal. Then, is time for our delicate gourmet dinner specially made for you and then relish on your cozy bedroom tent for a restful and soundly sleep.
● Wake-up time: 04:15 am
● Trek starting time: 07:00 am
● Arrival to campsite: 17:00 pm
● Minimum altitude: Cochayoq campsite – 3880 masl/12729.7 ft.
● Maximum altitude: Terihuayjasa Pass – 4400 masl/ 14435.7 ft.
● Distance covered: 15 kms/9.3 mls (8.5 hours walking approx.)
● Difficulty: Challenging.
● Meals included: Breakfast, snacks, lunch, tea time and dinner.


● Wake-up time: 06:00 am
● Trek starting time: 07:00 am
● Arrival to Aguas Calientes: 17:02 pm
● Minimum altitude: Aguas Calientes Town – 2070 masl/ 6791.3 ft.
● Maximum altitude: Yanamayo Viewpoint – 4270 masl/ 14009.2 ft.
● Distance covered: 3 kms/1.9 mls (1 hour walking approx.)
● Difficulty: Easy.
● Meals included: Breakfast, snacks, picnic lunch and, dinner (only included with your hotel accomodation on luxury and premium categories)
After having our nourishing breakfast on our campsite, we will hike a short distance towards Quelqanqa school so we can meet the children. You will participate in their activities, exchange some expressions in quechua and give them some presents like candies, fruits and school supplies to improve their creativity, knowledge and promote the education in Qelqanqa community. They will truly appreciate it as it is not usual to receive visitors.

Following our visit, it is time to take our transportation to Ollantaytambo train station making a stop at Yanamayo viewpoint (4270 mts/14009.2 ft) where we will have our delicious lunch with privileged views of Veronica Mountain (5682 mts/18641.7) being its original name Waqay Willka or The Sacred Tear. Later we will say goodbye to our trekking crew and thank them for bringing all of the outstanding quality service throughout this exciting experience.
Upon our arrival to the train station we will board our Vistadome 603 train. After a short 1.40 hours train ride we will arrive to Aguas Calientes Town (2070 mts/6791.3 ft) by 17:02 pm and be escorted to our luxury 5 stars Aguas Calientes hotel. (Please note that the last bus up to the citadel departs at 16:00 pm, for this reason we will book a hotel in Aguas Calientes. If you prefer Belmond Sanctuary Lodge there will be additional costs for modifying the itinerary)
Once you had settled at your hotel and coordinated with your guide the pick-up time for the following day, it’s time for a well-deserved dinner (included with your accommodation) and to have a restful sleep in a luxurious room.


Early in the morning, our knowledgeable guide will pick you up from your hotel in order to catch the bus up to the citadel for a 30 mins ride and, if weather allows it, see the sunrise over this Lost City of the Incas. Sometimes and especially in high season (April to July) we will have to be patient as the queues to go up to this World Wonder will be longer than expected, but with the help of your qualified guide and a bit of good humor there is nothing impossible!
Today is the day you have been waiting for! Machu Picchu (2430 mts/7972.4 ft) will definitely leave you speechless as it is a truly evidence of the Incas dexterity in engineering and architecture. It shows a magnificent citadel hidden on the Mountains and the vast valleys, indeed a Lost City of the Incas, our well-informed guide will teach us about the magnificent theories about the purpose of Machu Picchu, the history of its buildings and of course, about the millenary culture of the Incas.

To end your time at Machu Picchu, enjoy a delightful lunch at the Belmond Sanctuary Lodge Hotel part of this fabulous program. Later you will take the bus departing back to Aguas Calientes, to following proceed to board your train. Upon arrival, our View Latin America representative will collect you in our private vehicle and take you to your hotel in Cusco.
● Pick up time: 07:00 am
● Tour starting time: 08:00 am
● Arrival to Cusco: 21:56 pm
● Minimum altitude: Aguas Calientes Town – 2070 masl/6791.3 ft.
● Maximum altitude: Machu Picchu citadel – 2430 masl/ 7972.4 ft.
● Difficulty: Easy.
● Meals included: Breakfast and lunch






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At Superior Class $5.193$3.000$2.377$2.035


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    Indulge yourself with the finest service and upscale accommodations. Feel like sleeping in the hotel, like dining in the restaurant ... but among the magic of the Andes! Would you like a glass of Champagne? Have a wellness moment through Yoga? The this is the ideal package for you!


    Explore, discover and be soothed with our outstanding facilities. First class service, with unique details. A good massage and good wine. Enjoy a massage service every night for about 30 minutes, also sleep in our characteristic cozy sleeping tent, gourmet food, and so much more.


    Delving into high-end camping and first-class service along a reasonable price. Have the privilege of sleeping in a large tent as if it were a room, and instead of just a sleeping bag, have a portable bed. Gourmet food for your delight; A glass of wine overnight.


    Hiking along the Andes with comfort and style. Are you looking for comfort along a fairly price? Then this is for you! A spacious tent with an air mattress armed on the floor as if it were a bed. Standard meals accompanied with one glass of wine will be served for you!


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