Luxury Choquequirao Trail – 9 Days


If you are seeking for a demanding off the beaten path towards Machu Picchu and submerge deeply in the Inca culture, then the Choquequirao trek is ideal for you! Through this 9-day adventure you will be able to explore the uncharted Choquequirao archaeological site or The Golden Cradle which only 30% of its ruins had […]
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Trek starting time: 12:30 pm
● Arrival to campsite: 16:30 pm
● Minimum altitude: Curahuasi Town – 2688 masl/ 8818.9 ft.
● Maximum altitude: Saywite site – 3630 masl/11909.5 ft.
● Distance covered: 7 kms/4.4 mls (4 hours walking approx.)
● Difficulty: Moderate.
● Meals included: Snacks, lunch, tea time and dinner.
Very early in the morning and after having breakfast at your Cusco hotel (or you may require them a box breakfast to enjoy it along the way), our expert guide will welcome you and transport you towards the northwest. After 3 hours we will stop at Curahuasi town (2688 mts/8818.9 ft) where we will make some last minute purchases, continuing our journey we will pass through Saywite site (3630 mts/11909.5 ft) which is famous for the enigmatic Saywite stone in which various Inca representations are sculpted. Following our route and after another hour, we will reach Capuliyoc (2956 mts/9698.2 ft) which is our starting point and where we will meet the horsemen and have our luxury picnic lunch before initiate the trek. Once we finish our savory lunch, our guide will provide us the final instructions in order to start our exciting trek.
The trek begins with spectacular views of the Apurimac valley and Padreyoc snowcapped mountain (5771 mts/18933.7 ft) as well as endemic flora and fauna characteristic of the area that we will be able to capture with our cameras. As we keep descending through a zigzag slope for 4 hours, there will be a warmer atmosphere, therefore the quantity of mosquitoes will also increase; so remember to apply your repellent periodically.
Afterwards, we reach our first luxury campsite at Chiquiska (1890 mts/6200.8 ft) located in the Apurimac canyon. Before dinner, you will have the opportunity to have a well-earned hot shower and then, our massage tent is ready for a session of relaxing massages that will ease your body and mind given by our professional therapists. Then, it is time to visit our dining tent for a fantastic gourmet dinner prepared with organic food from the region by our high-class chefs. After dinner, your tent will be waiting for you to enjoy your first night sleeping in your comfortable bedroom tent.


After a very early rise and delicious breakfast, we will begin our second day hike to Machu Picchu descending 1 hour towards the Apurimac river and crossing Playa Rosalina (1490 mts/4888.5 ft) by a suspension bridge. Remember to apply your repellent as there are a lot of mosquitoes making us some company.
Then, we will have a steep ascend for 2 hours until reaching Santa Rosa (2200 mts/7217.8 ft) where we will have a short break to recover energies and enjoy the river views. Once we are ready, we will continue ascending for another 3 hours appreciating a great variety of vegetation and some endemic birds as hummingbirds. Upon our arrival to Marampata (2900 mts/9514.4 ft) our energetic and luscious lunch is ready for us with impressive views of the lower ruins; after lunch, we will follow a gently but steady stroll for another 3 hours until reaching our luxury Choquequirao campsite (2900 mts/9514.4 ft) which is very close to the archaeological site. If you arrive earlier then it is possible to visit a portion of the site or have a well-deserved rest if you prefer.
For a second time, our hot shower and massage tent will be at your disposal, when it is time for our dinner you can share your fantastic photos with your guide and then relish on your cozy bedroom tent for a restful and soundly sleep.
● Wake-up time: 04:00 am
● Trek starting time: 05:30 am
● Arrival to campsite: 16:00 pm
● Minimum altitude: Playa Rosalina – 1490 masl/ 4888.5 ft.
● Maximum altitude: Choquequirao campsite – 2900 masl/ 9514.4 ft.
● Distance covered: 11 kms/6.8 mls (9 hours walking approx.)
● Difficulty: Very Challenging.
● Meals included: Breakfast, snacks, lunch, tea time and dinner.


● Wake-up time: 05:30 am
● Trek starting time: 07:00 am
● Arrival to campsite: 16:00 pm
● Minimum altitude: Choquequirao campsite – 2900 masl/ 9514.4 ft.
● Maximum altitude: Choquequirao archaeological site – 3100 masl/ 10170.6 ft.
● Distance covered touring: 5 kms/3.1 mls (5 hours walking approx.)
● Difficulty: Easy.
● Meals included: Breakfast, snacks, lunch, tea time and dinner.
Today is the most rewarding day as you will have all the day to visit Choquequirao site, it will be exclusively to explore its amazing sectors. After our breakfast we will continue on an easy 1-hour hike to reach the archaeological site, as we approach Choquequirao (3100 mts/10170.6 ft) which means “Golden Cradle”, we will have an excellent view behind; it is even possible to see the site at a certain distance encircled by grandiose mountains and the river valley below.
Upon our arrival, our well-informed guide will explain us about the history and new researches of this amazing citadel that went unnoticed until Hiram Bingham detailed described the site in 1909, the site is considered to be bigger than Machu Picchu although most of it is still hidden in the forest (it is estimated that only 30% has been put to light). Accompanied by your guide you will visit the different sectors which includes picturesque terraces, sacred temples, astronomical observatories, hydraulic channels and much more. After touring the site, we will head back to campsite to have our delightful lunch and share your impressions with our guide.
Then, it is time to visit another important sector named Pacchayoc where we will visit an enchanting waterfall and terraces, after a short 30 mins hike we will reach it and have a full explanation of our guide complemented with dazzling photos. After enjoying the site, we will return to our campsite. As customary we will relish with our hot shower and well-deserved massage session before our gourmet dinner featuring refreshing beverages and with privileged views of the complex.


Another amazing day begins with a nourishing and very early breakfast, then we will head up to a last visit to Choquequirao hiking for 1 hour finding the impressive irrigation channels, continuing for another hour we will reach the first high point, Choquequirao Pass (3280 mts/10761.2 ft) where we will have our last panoramic view of the Choquequirao site, admire the dense vegetation with its famous orchids and flowers, which bloom here most of the time and of course, take marvelous photos.
Following our route, we will descend for 2.5 hours through a zigzag path towards Pincha Unuyoc terraces (2490 mts/8169.3 ft) where our guide will provide a short tour of the site known for its agricultural purposes. Afterwards, we will keep walking downhill for another 2 hours until reaching Rio Blanco (1930 mts/6332.0 ft) where we will taste our flavorful lunch in the middle of nature and surrounded by flora and fauna. Please be sure to apply your mosquito repellent in this segment as well.
Then, it is time to hike uphill a steep zigzag road for 3.5 hours to our next campsite. On route, we will contemplate the diversity of nature with lush vegetation and if we are lucky some endemic animals as Andean deers, vizcachas, foxes, pumas, spectacled bears and even the representative bird of Peru: Andean cock of the rock; although the last ones are rarely seen as they avoid human contact. Upon our arrival to our luxury campsite, Maizal (3050 mts/10006.6 ft) we will have amazing views of the Andean mountains and then receive our outstanding services such as hot shower, massage sessions and already known sumptuous dinner before having our well-earned sleep.
● Wake-up time: 04:30 am
● Trek starting time: 06:00 am
● Arrival to campsite: 17:30 pm
● Mínimum altitude: Rio Blanco – 1930 masl/ 6332.0 ft.
● Maximum altitude: Choquequirao Pass – 3280 masl/ 10761.2 ft.
● Distance covered: 15 kms/9.3 mls (9.5 hours walking approx.)
● Difficulty: Very Challenging.
● Meals included: Breakfast, snacks, lunch, tea time and dinner.


● Wake-up time: 05:30 am
● Trek starting time: 07:00 am
● Arrival to campsite: 13:30 pm
● Mínimum altitude: Maizal campsite – 3050 masl/ 10006.6 ft.
● Maximum altitude: San Juan Pass – 4150 masl/ 13615.5 ft.
● Distance covered: 14 kms/8.7 mls (6.5 hours walking approx.)
● Difficulty: Challenging.
● Meals included: Breakfast, snacks, lunch, tea time and dinner.
Today we will arise early with a magical sunrise over the mountains and have our energizing breakfast to continue our 9-days escapade. After stocking up on water and snacks, we will start our journey hiking uphill along a rocky path for about 4 hours towards the second highest point. In some sections there will be great sights of the surrounding mountains, lush green valleys and also some arid mountain peaks and perhaps some condors. Also we will be crossing some old mines of various minerals such as gold, copper and mercury that were used for many years but now are abandoned.
As we ascend, we will notice the change in vegetation and altitude, once we reach the San Juan Pass (4150 mts/13615.5 ft) we will have superb views of Vilcabamba mountain range with the snow peaks like Apu Pumasillo, Sacsara and Qoriwayrachina. After snapping some fantastic pictures, we will start a 2.5 hour downhill walk to Yanama village (3590 mts/11778.2 ft) which is our lunch place and luxury campsite as well. This charming indigenous village maintains alive its ancient traditions and if you wish, you can visit their local homes to learn more about their daily lifestyle and customs.
Following our scrumptious lunch, you will have the afternoon free at your own leisure to visit Yanama village or just repose at your bedroom tents.
In the afternoon, it is time to enjoy another one of a kind experience, having a 30-40 mins yoga session lead by our expert therapists shrouded on the inspiring essence of the Andes. Then, we will have our hot shower, calming massages and our delectable dinner before spending the night in our convenient bedroom tents.


Today we will scale the famous Vilcabamba mountain range, Vilcabamba is considered the last city of the Incas since they were the latest Incas that resisted the Spanish invasion. In order to cover the highest trekking distance so far, we will need to have a very early breakfast and hike towards the highest point of our journey. During the 5 hours walk we will have spectacular panoramas and some rest stops for guided explanations and recovering our breath.
Amazed by stunning views of snowcapped mountains Salkantay, Humantay, Padreyoc and Pumasillo as well as typical flora and fauna of region, we may be able to see some black bears and Andean birds such as falcons, eagles, hawks, condors, and geese. The path could be slippery during the rainy season, or dusty and rocky during the dry season so we need to be careful with our steps.
Upon our arrival to Mariano Llamoja Pass (4650 mts/15255.9 ft) the majestic glaciers and mountains will welcome us with its invaluable presence and give us splendid sceneries ideal for taking gorgeous photos. As a reward and to celebrate this huge milestone, we will toast with a well-deserved glass of champagne. Once we finalize this short celebration, it is time to continue discovering the other secret treasures of this singular path. After hiking for another 3 hours we will reach Totora village (3380 mts/11089.2 ft) where our tasteful lunch is waiting for us. When we had finished and have some rest, we will depart to our next campsite hiking for another 2 hours and we will start feeling a different warm tropical climate so please make sure to apply your mosquito repellant regularly.
Following our defiant day hike, we will finally reach our luxury campsite named Collpapampa (2870 mts/9416.0 ft) to take pleasure with our customary finest services as hot showers, soothing massages and palatable gourmet dinner.
● Wake-up time: 04:30 am
● Trek starting time: 06:00 am
● Arrival to campsite: 17:15 pm
● Mínimum altitude: Collpapampa campsite – 2870 masl/ 9416.0 ft.
● Maximum altitude: Mariano Llamoja Pass – 4650 masl/ 15255.9 ft.
● Distance covered: 20 kms/12.4 mls (10 hours walking approx.)
● Difficulty: Very Challenging.
● Meals included: Breakfast, snacks and lunch


● Wake-up time: 05:45 am
● Trek starting time: 08:30 am
● Arrival to campsite: 13:30 pm
● Minimum altitude: Playa Sahuayaco campsite – 2100 masl/ 6889.8 ft.
● Maximum altitude: Collpapampa campsite – 2870 masl/ 9416.0 ft.
● Distance covered: 15 kms/9.3 mls (5 hours walking approx.)
● Difficulty: Easy to Moderate.
● Meals included: Breakfast, snacks, lunch, tea time and dinner.
After a boost of energy with our nourishing breakfast we will be ready for the 5 hours hike through the most beautiful day of the trek, where you will admire the magnificent flora and sprawling plantations. Our hike will keep descending into a thick cloud forest that will surround us with orchids, bromelains, and other amazing and exotic flora. After exiting the thick forest, we will come upon a secluded valley filled with expansive coffee, cacao and fruit plantations. During this journey, we will pass through the farming villages of Wiñaypoco (2650 mts/8694.2 ft) and Lluscamayo (2420 mts/7939.6 ft) that own plantations of diverse products like bananas, passion fruit and others. We will also encounter some local families and have the possibility to speak with them and learn about their lifestyle. Lastly we will arrive to our final campsite named Playa Sahuayaco (2100 mts/6889.8 ft) just to find our well-organized staff waiting with our gourmet lunch.
After finishing the luscious lunch, we will have plenty of time to take a hot shower before your already-known relaxing massage. Once you are ready, it is time for a complete private tour of coffee plantations by our knowledgeable guide. Right after we will move on for the fabulous gourmet dinner served in our dining tent.
Being this the last night with all of our crew, we suggest to share a final toast with them, for bringing all of the outstanding quality service throughout this exciting experience. Cheers! or, as we say here Salud!


We expect that you had enjoyed all the fascinating hike so far, and this day will require the final effort of waking up early to have the succulent breakfast at 05:00 am approx. and follow the largest portion of the hike. Firstly, we will take a 20 mins ride in a private transportation until Lucmabamba (2062 mts/6765.1 ft) where an authentic inca trail is waiting to be rediscovered by us! This 3.5 hours uphill trail towards Llaqtapata archaeological site (2736 mts/8976.4 ft) is almost full covered by the typical vegetation of the forest, once we reach the archaeological site we will appreciate part of Machu Picchu citadel and the surrounding mountains from a totally different perspective. Unveil all its ancient secrets accompanied by your expert guide and take some beautiful photos on the process.
Then, it is time to have a delicious lunch with exceptional views at the picturesque Llaqtapata Lodge Viewpoint (2570 mts/8431.8 ft) which is conveniently located nearby the archaeological site, we will be delighted with homemade meals whose vegetables and fruits are locally grown. Also due to its location, you will be able to have the most splendid views of Veronica Mountain, Vilcanota River and more. Afterwards, we will head down for another 2 hours to Hydroelectric train station (1771 mts/5810.4 ft) where we will have some rest before continuing hiking parallel to the train tracks for another 3 hours in order to reach Aguas Calientes town. The flora and fauna abounds along this trail where you can glimpse the variety of orchids and other greenery vegetation.
Finally, and after our tremendous 8-days excursion, we will reach Aguas Calientes town (2070 mts/6791.3 ft) and we will be escorted to your selected hotel. Once you had settled at your hotel and coordinated with your guide the pick-up time for the following day, it’s time for a well-deserved dinner (included with your accommodation) and to have a restful sleep in a luxurious room.
● Wake-up time: 04:30 am
● Trek starting time: 06:00 am
● Arrival to Aguas Calientes: 17:00 pm
● Minimum altitude: Hydroelectric – 1771 masl/ 5810.4 ft.
● Maximum altitude: Llaqtapata archaeological site – 2736 masl/ 8976.4 ft.
● Distance covered: 22 kms/13.7 mls (8.5 hours walking approx.)
● Difficulty: Challenging.
● Meals included: Breakfast, snacks, lunch, dinner (only included with your hotel accomodation on luxury and premium categories)


● Pick up time: 07:00 am
● Tour starting time: 08:00 am
● Arrival to Cusco: 21:56 pm
● Minimum altitude: Aguas Calientes Town – 2070 masl/6791.3 ft.
● Maximum altitude: Machu Picchu citadel – 2430 masl/ 7972.4 ft.
● Difficulty: Easy.
● Meals included: Breakfast, lunch, Hiram Bingham tea time and dinner on board.
Early in the morning, our knowledgeable guide will pick you up from your hotel in order to catch the bus up to the citadel for a 30 mins ride and, if weather allows it, see the sunrise over this Lost City of the Incas. Sometimes and especially in high season (April to July) we will have to be patient as the queues to go up to this World Wonder will be longer than expected, but with the help of your qualified guide and a bit of good humor there is nothing impossible!
Seeing the impressive Machu Picchu citadel (2430 mts/7972.4 ft) will definitely worth all the effort that we invested the previous days and will also perfectly complement your previous visit to Choquequirao. In this complete tour of the Lost City of the Incas, our well-informed guide will teach us about the magnificent theories about the purpose of Machu Picchu, the history of its buildings and of course, about the millenary culture of the Incas.
To end your time at Machu Picchu, enjoy a delightful lunch at the Belmond Sanctuary Lodge Hotel part of this fabulous program. Later you will take the bus departing back to Aguas Calientes, to following proceed to board your train. Upon arrival, our View Latin America representative will collect you in our private vehicle and take you to your hotel in Cusco.






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At Superior Class$10.066$5.473$4.315$3.775


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    Indulge yourself with the finest service and upscale accommodations. Feel like sleeping in the hotel, like dining in the restaurant ... but among the magic of the Andes! Would you like a glass of Champagne? Have a wellness moment through Yoga? The this is the ideal package for you!


    Explore, discover and be soothed with our outstanding facilities. First class service, with unique details. A good massage and good wine. Enjoy a massage service every night for about 30 minutes, also sleep in our characteristic cozy sleeping tent, gourmet food, and so much more.


    Delving into high-end camping and first-class service along a reasonable price. Have the privilege of sleeping in a large tent as if it were a room, and instead of just a sleeping bag, have a portable bed. Gourmet food for your delight; A glass of wine overnight.


    Hiking along the Andes with comfort and style. Are you looking for comfort along a fairly price? Then this is for you! A spacious tent with an air mattress armed on the floor as if it were a bed. Standard meals accompanied with one glass of wine will be served for you!


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