Things to do and visit in Puno Peru

Puno is located in the southeastern of Peru. If we were to describe it in one word only we would say…Golden, which seems like the right signature for it.

Located in the Altiplano area, Puno has been treasured with the Titicaca Lake a precious and the highest lake in the world that shares territory over Peru and Bolivia. This lake has been of great importance not only for the Incas but for other pre-Colombian cultures as well, and clearly give us a better understanding of the Andean cosmovision of that time. If you are passing by Puno then discover every jewel that is worth visiting!

Check the list with our Top and best things to do in Puno:

1 Homestay in Amantani

Even though the Amantani island receives a great number of tourists today, they had kept richer their cultural identity and it shows. As a community, they have developed this project where they offer homestay to the visitors that wish to stay and live a true experience interacting with the locals.

2 Amantica Lodge

Additionally, the community had built a stunning boutique hotel with views over the Titicaca Lake. It has a romantic concept and by staying there you will still be helping to the development of the island.

3 Taquile Island

Taquile is a very special Island and worth visiting, most full-day tours include the visit along Uros island. The fame that Taquile has acquired over the past years is due to its male skilled wavers who create a beautiful and high-quality textile with extraordinary colors.

During the visit, visitors also are taken to various small but interesting ruins, besides of the opportunity to take the best shots of the Titicaca Lake as the views from the island are simply stunning.

4 Uros Island

Even though it has become very touristy over the last few years Uros has a special charm and I’d say it’s worth your time. The whole community moves to the Lake to avoid conflicts with other communities on the shore, from ancient times they start building their boats and later their homes out of “totora” reed which is pretty remarkable.

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Titicaca Lake
Titicaca-Lake 2021

For many, it’s still shocking to see these floating islands and definitely is an interesting activity that you cannot miss!

5 Visit the Cathedral

Named San Carlos Borromeo Cathedral is a beautiful Baroque and Andean mixed style catholic church. It was first built in the 17th century. It is one of the easiest places to visit in Puno since there are no admission fees to pay in order to enter the cathedral and its location right in the main square.

6 Kayak in the highest Lake

This is the perfect dash of adrenaline for the adventure lovers. It starts on the Esteves port where normally the gear will be set and then the tour along a guide will take you inside the Lake, this offers the opportunity to watch the flora and fauna of the Lake and also take you to less touristy that live further inside the lake Uros islands.

group kayak titicaca lake peru
group kayak titicaca lake peru

7 Fishing

If you are an avid sport fisher, then this might interest you since it is possible to take a sport fishing tour and navigate the Lake looking for Golden Trout which is the common living specie of the Lake. The only downside of taking these tours is that all of them depart very early in the morning which means early awakening, just a small sacrifice in other to enjoy amazing fishing.

8 Visit Sillustani

When most people do not get to visit Sillustani and it is really a shame because it has such an incredible view and even more impressive history. Sillustani was a cemetery built by the Aymara people who built these massive stone towers called “chullpas” before they were conquered by the Incas to honor their death.

Sillustani is also located by the shores of the Lake Umayo, a peaceful place that makes you think that the Aymara built it there in purpose for their soul’s death to rest in peace. If you are passing by Puno this place is shortly a 30 min drive away from the city and should be a must-do on your list.

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