Things to Do at Night in Cusco. All Peru has a lot to offer; since the capital Lima, passing to the jungle; beautiful beaches in the north; archeological and historic cities, the deepest canyon; the highest navigable lake in the world, and a lot of more amazing places without forgetting the incredible food.

But Cusco, visiting this magical and extraordinary Inca city is a gain. All the experiences you will have, are amazing. Cusco city is not only culture, history, archaeology, beautiful sites and so; Cusco is much more, especially at night.

Things to Do at Night in Cusco

Well, seeing Cusco at night is more than incredible. Starting with a slow walk through the Plaza de Armas and its surroundings full of small and narrow streets, without stopping to visit the San Blas neighborhood (a very hidden treasure), tucked away up to the north up of Plaza de Armas: After the Spanish conquest, it became a colonial parish with colonial architecture influences. It is an area quite different than the rest of Cusco. It does have a lot of tourist footfall but it just seems to be a little bit quieter, although not at all times. It is now known as “El barrio de los Artesanos! (Artisans quarter). Taking the little streets up you will find steps, steps, and more steps, but finding a lot of.

The history and art of San Blas is very much intercorrelated. La Iglesia de San Blas may be simple on the exterior, but the baroque-style interior offers an incredible gold-leafed altar and various paintings from the Cuzqueño School of Art; most famously housed in the church is an elaborate pulpit (known as “El púlpito”) carved from a single cedar tree.

Outside of the church, art still holds a clearly evident cultural importance within the neighborhood. You will find boutiques and galleries filling the streets of Calle Carmen Alto and Calle Tandapata. The Plazoleta holds an artisan craft fair every Saturday and Sunday. The popular Cuesta de San Blas may be the most well-known artistic area, comprised of various shops boasting of silverwork, fine sculptures, delicate handmade dolls, among other things. At the end of the narrow, steep street (cuesta means “hill” or “slope” in Spanish), you will find the gallery of renowned Cusqueñian artisan Hilario Mendivil, famed for his long-necked sculptures and figurines.

The nightlife is great as in San Blas, the cuisine in the area is deliciously rich and diverse! Whether you are looking for some traditional Peruvian food, a late-night kebab, a good curry dish, or even a vegan option. A popular place to try the traditional Peruvian cuy (guinea pig) dish, Pachapapa offers a warm outdoor/indoor seating atmosphere with various Peruvian classics such as Lomo saltado and ceviche. Korma Sutra boasts being one of the only Indian restaurants in Cusco, while Cuse Smokehouse gives you authentic American BBQ dishes.

San Blas is bustling with bars and nightlife events after hours. KMO is a small little bar that gets packed with music enthusiasts from all over the world to hear live music every other day (and every weekend). Muse, too is a laid-back cafe to its trendy sister The Muse, and Siete Angelitos has a more local Cusqueñian vibe, also offering live music.


Also, there are a lot of places to enjoy at night. You are able to try diners and drinks in a lot of splendid restaurants and bars. In restaurants, there are Cicciolina; Limo; Greens, Map Cafe; Chicha; Kintaro (Japanese); Green Point (Vegans); Kion; La Bodega 138; Calle del Medio; Tunupa that offers buffet & Peruvian show and so.

And about bars and discos, you will find Museo del Pisco; El Huarique; Rock House; Garabatos; Mama Africa; Ukukus; Mythology; Nuevo Mundo Draft Bar; La Chuperia; Republica del Pisco and much more
Come and enjoy Cusco by night!


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