The Salkantay Trek

The favorite from all the amazing alternatives treks to Machu Picchu, it owns its name to the snowcapped mountain of Salkantay and it is also the perfect match for all the nature lovers and avid hikers as its consider a bit more challenging than the original Inca Trail.

The route cover spots such as the Humantay Lake a turquoise lake which is located on the skirts of the Humantay guardian mountain. The Salkantay trek last 5 days, but the memories will last a lifetime…

Important Facts

  • Minimum altitude: Hydroelectric train station – 1771 masl/ 5810.4 ft.
  • Maximum altitude: Salkantay Pass – 4638 masl/ 15216.5 ft.
  • Distance covered: 61 kms/ 37.9 mls.
  • Difficulty: Moderate to Challenging.
  • Best Season: April to December

Is it difficult?

To answer this question, we need to consider that Cusco is already a high place to be, adding an extra difficultness to the matter. During the Salkantay Trek big portions will be cover on Day 1 and 2 but also on these days the highest altitudes would be reached (4638 masl/15216.5 ft.), which is the reason why Salkantay is consider a challenging trek, although the rewarding will be priceless and make any effort worth it especially while reaching the Top of the Salkantay Pass.

Most companies will recommend to acclimatize to the high altitude of Cusco for at least a couple days prior to your Trek, but this will apply to any Trek you would like to accomplished during your trip.

When is the best time?

In the highlands of Peru, the weather is separate in two seasons only although the weather will always be unpredictable. The dry season goes from April to November and the wet or rainy season from December to March.

Laguna Humantay

The Salkantay Trek can be done any time of the year, but during the wet season it must be considered that rain will be also part of the experience especially on February which is the wet season peak. Also it is important to understand that during the dry season is less expected to rain but by any means impossible. Don’t be surprised!

Glamping –  Salkantay Trek Itinerary

Since this is the most popular alternative trek finding the right program could be harder than expected. If comfort and luxury is on your list, then perhaps a glamping trek will be a more suitable option for you.  These programs are focus on the details, personalized experiences and are often private packages.

Of course choosing a glamping you ensure to have the perfect Salkantay Itinerary and the best service since day one…An air mattress and a cozy decorated tent, champagne, gourmet food, massages, luxury 5* hotels and a seat in the exclusive Hiram Bingham are some of the amazing inclusions that our glamping offer.

Walk through the Andes in the most stylish way while reaching Machu Picchu.

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What to bring?

As we have set that the weather in Cusco is unpredictable, you may be thinking what to bring on your trek, here we list the basics that cannot be missed on your backpack:

Original passport, which is actually mandatory to have in order to enter to Machu Picchu

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Summer and winter clothing, winter clothes are important to get you through the nights, as the temperatures will drop considerably.

Worn-in & waterproof hiking boots, this is probably the most indispensable thing to bring as your feet must be safe, dry and comfortable at all costs during the Trek.

Waterproof jacket, Especially a waterproof rain jacket with a hoody. Additionally, you can bring a rain poncho since these are light weighted.

Waterproof pants, Most hikers will choose to bring also waterproof pants as you are never too sure, but this will become a must during rainy season.

Sandals or flip flops, As the Trek progress there will be time were you would like to change your hiking boots to sandals, besides you will need at the moment of taking your shower.

Cash, this is actually very important to have in case of an emergency or to purchase last minute items that you may need.

Also, if you are still deciding whether to take the Salkantay or The Inca Trail check also our complete packing list exclusive for glamping experiences and make sure to bring everything you need.

Other Alternative Treks

Cusco has so much to offer to its visitors that is hard to choose only one, here some of the most fabulous Treks that might also interest you:

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  • – Quarry
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