The Rainbow Mountain Comparison: Vinicunca, Palccoyo, and Pallay Punchu

A couple of years ago, cover stories in travel blogs featured the Rainbow Mountain of Peru. Nowadays, social media display a plethora of pictures of VinicuncaPalccoyo, and the newest, Pallay Punchu summits. A sharp observer can spot differences between each one in no time, but you can also entertain yourself with View Peru’s comparison and recommendation for the 2021 season, coming next.

What do they have in common?

All of them are rainbow-colored mountains. Any geology enthusiast will definitely have a deeper look at this colorful landscape when standing in front of it. The movement of tectonic plates caused changes for 24 million years ago, and these movements slowly have built mountains. The layers of minerals piled up in colored stripes. While you, an intrepid wisdom seeker, walk by Vinicunca, Palccoyo, or Pallay Punchu, dip your fingers into these sediments and you will be able to find the truth behind their fancy name: sandstone, halite, gravel, and limestone.

Experienced hikers know the regular itinerary. It starts with an early wake-up, then a van ride through Cusco-Puno highway, later a short detour, and finally a 1 to 2-hour hike to get to your destination. As far as arrangements are concerned, the best travel season is from May to November, this is the dry season. The three options can be visited in one-day tours or as part of our recommended 5 to 7-day holiday experiences in Peru.

Now, let’s make a contrast of the peaks, one by one.

What makes Vinicunca special

The trend of rainbow mountain hiking started with Vinicunca reaching an altitude of 17000 feet over sea level. Hiking routes can be selected from 30 minutes up to 2 hours, depending on your itinerary and health condition. It is not allowed to climb to the summit, however, you can still contemplate the landscape from a safe watching spot.

Hiking difficulty is intermediate, so you can bring walking poles with you. Furthermore, you will find more tourists heading Vinicunca as you walk, but a private luxury tour will include a less crowded road. Want a solid reason that haunts your logic? Capture in a single picture two of the most beautiful peaks in Cusco: Vinicunca and the snow mountain Ausangate.

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Reasons Why Travelers Choose Palccoyo

Palccoyo (16000 ft) is the best option for those who prefer a softer challenge. A softer path welcomes children and elders. You and all your travel companions will be literally over a rainbow as you are able to step into the rounded road to the summit.

Highlights include a set of three 7-colored peaks together, beautiful views of the real Peruvian countryside, and an unforgettable experience for family vacations. How can it even be possible to question comfort and safety?

Our Top Pick for 2021: Pallay Punchu

The poncho-colored summit has a lower elevation (about 15400 feet), however, the climate is still windy and cold. The ease of walk and the very low flow of tourists make Pallay Punchu a great option to get lost in your thoughts, appreciate nature, or share time in a true philosophical way.

Balance can be easily found in this colorful destination. The Langui lagoon will be part of your sight, integrating earth, wind, and water in a single view. In addition, it is more likely to spot llamas, vizcacha rabbits, or even the sacred condor as you wander through the Andes range. A perfect destination for children, explorers, nomads, and glamorous travelers in the upcoming 2021 season.

The Cusco region is such a geological luxury destination for having such a great number of unique landscapes! View Peru wants you to discover them all in your next visit to the land of the Rainbow Mountains. Do not spend time thinking about why you should travel, come and test the Pallay Punchu experience by yourself!

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