Why You Should Take a Machu Picchu Luxury Hiking Tour: The Best Tours

Rivers and waterfalls, cascades surrounded by sheer rock cliffs and dense jungles. Massive mountain ranges and colorful lakes mirroring the Andes sky and snow-covered summits. Is there a better timeout from the hustle of everyday life? And the best thing: You don’t have to care about anything. Let high-class chefs prepare your delicious meals three times a day, sleep underneath the Andes night sky in a heated tent and relax during a professional massage. Here are our favorite luxury tours to the incredible citadel of Machu Picchu.

Why a Luxury Tour is Exactly What You Need

It is early morning, you open your heated tent after a good night sleep in a comfortable bed. You are in midst of the Sacred Valley on a hill overlooking both the high summits and the lush rainforest. You take a hot shower to warm up, once you are ready your yoga instructor is waiting for you. And while you stretch to be fully relaxed starting your day, you hear the mystic and likewise soothing sounds of the jungle echoing in the valleys.

And because you can’t start a hike through the Andes mountains without being at full power, high-class chefs prepare a delicious and rich breakfast for you. All of this and more is part of your luxury hike to Machu Picchu. Three meals a day, tent and gear are all provided for you.

A special waiter fulfills all your requests. Professional physiologist makes sure you are feeling empowered, using essential oils to ensure your full well-being during a massage. Prepare for an outstanding experience through the Sacred Valley, to Machu Picchu. A hike of a different kind.

Luxury Inca Trail

The four or five-day Luxury Inca Trail takes you through the holy land of the Incas, its mystical ruins while walking on the old paths of the ancient empire. You explore tropical forests and colorful wildlife, views of the lush green jungles and rocky cliffs reaching endlessly into the skies will make your heart beat faster.

Red tent with a big bed inside and linnens in a luxury camping in Cusco with the forest behind

First-class chefs prepare your meals while you embrace the pure nature of the Sacred Valley, relax your body and mind through a professional massage or a yoga session. At night a heated tent awaits you underneath the Andes sky. And finally, you will watch the sunrise at the Inti Punku sun gate overlooking the Sacred Valley and the impressive ruins of Machu Picchu.

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Luxury Salkantay Trek

The five days and less crowded Luxury Salkantay Trek is a great alternative to the Inca-Trail. Barely any hike in Peru takes you deeper into the Peruvian nature. You will make your way up to an incredible 4650 meters or 15200 feet, overlooking the astonishing panoramas of the Andes landscapes. Take a moment to embrace this stunning sight and cheers with a glass of champagne with the other hikers. Turquoise and sky blue lagoons wait for you mirroring the sky and mountain ranges.

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A highlight for sure is Humantay lake. You will wander through the thickets of the dense Andean jungle, seeing vegetation that only grows in this area of the world. You will get a taste of the world-known Peruvian coffee while visiting a plantation. And after 4 nights of camping underneath the sky, getting treated with high-class food, yoga sessions, and massages, you will see the sunrise behind the majestic ruins of Machu Picchu.

Royal Lares Trail

The four days long Royal Lares Trail takes you on a quiet road through beautiful landscapes and traditional Andean villages. All the way to the mystic ruins of Machu Picchu.

You will be able to talk to the locals, learn more about their way of life and their language. Quechua, a tongue of the Incas. Maybe you even want to buy some Alpaca wool products. A poncho or a hat? Ancient Inca trails lead you past their ruins and mindblowing constructions.

You will pass a vast amount of gorgeous lakes, snow glazed mountain tops and beautiful hills overlooking the Sacred Valley while being treated with massages, delicate meals and a hot tent underneath the Andes night sky.

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