Pisac a must-stop visit for your trip to Cusco

Besides the glorious Machu Picchu, Cusco has so much to offer to its visitors…Pisac is one of them. This beautiful and cobblestone town is part of all the jewels that the Sacred Valley of the Incas shelters. Discover everything is there to do, why is one of the most important archeological complex of the Incas time and the ancient market that has become a tradition and an important source of income for the community of Pisac and surroundings. 

Important Facts

  • Location: Calca, only 30 km away from Cusco
  • Elevation: 2 972masl / 9 751 ft
  • Weather: 17°C, Wind N at 14 km/h, 62% Humidity
  • Pisac Ruins are open from: 07:00 am to 06:00 pm

ollantaytambo view sacred valley cusco
ollantaytambo view sacred valley cusco 2021

What to do in Pisac?

The stunning Pisac Ruins

This important settlement was one of the Inca Pachacutec states, which nowadays is a cluster of various archeological remains such as platform, terraces, aqueducts, enclosures, cemeteries and more.

Among its peculiarities highlights that Cusco, Piquillaqta and Pisac form an equilateral triangle of 33km on each side according to the researcher Angles Vargas, this of course prove once more the exceptionalism of the Incas.

To visit the whole site would take about 1 .5 hours approximately, between its different enclosures, these are the most important ones:

  • Intihuatana, the most important neighborhood in Pisac. Religious resints and palaces can be appreciated, beside the impressive “Intihuatana” or the Inca solar clock similar to the one in Machu Picchu.
  • Terraces, in total are 40 terraces or andenes precisely built and convergation with nature.
  • The Towers, these beautiful towers can be count in a total of 20 around the whole site and they are differentiated in two types: The Habitaculo and Atalayas.
  • Pisaq, located not that far from the Intihuatana this neighborhood lays there with its 23 enclosures.

In order to visit Pisac you will need to purchase the BTC complete ticket for S/. 130.00 that will include other complexs or the hald BTC ticket for S/ 70.00.

Pisac Market

The colonial town of Pisac was re-built on 1570’ since the conquerors destroyed the original Inca town decades before. Still, Pisac offers also its cheerful market which used to open only on Sundays but these days is held every day of week.

If visiting the market, you will find vast options to purchase some souvenirs for yourself or your love ones at home. Different handcrafts will be available from fine jewelry to precious blankets. The vendors not only from Pisac but from the surrounding communities participate of the market offering their products.

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It is the perfect place to practice Spanish and also improve your bargaining skill, since its acceptable to try and bargain in Peru.

Iglesia de San Pedro Apostol

On this church in Quechua on every Sunday morning where the town reunited to attender the mass and so the important heads of the surroundings villages as well, all of them wear their traditional clothing. In case you are visiting Pisac on Sunday then pay a visit to the mass it will sure be an interesting experience!

Felipe Marin Moreno Botanic Gardens

If crowded places are not your thing, then this should interest you. The gardens were created by Felipe Marin Moreno on 1917 a botanist who experiment on beautiful plants that had grown over the years making the Culture Ministry to give them the title of historical heritage of Peru.

Its extension is limited but the variety of plants native and not are enough to appreciate the richness of this land, especially while checking the 200 type of potatios that the gardens has in its collection.  

Combine your visit with Ollantaytambo

You may be wondering what to see in Cusco, well this is the perfect idea for a Full Day from Cusco if you would not like to spend a night at the Sacred Valley. For instance, visiting early in the morning Pisac market, then Pisac ruins and then jump in an hour drive to the town of Ollantaytambo and visit the amazing fortress that looks over the town.

Ollantaytambo is one of the most well preserve archeological sites in Cusco and it deserves to be seen. These both can be easily done independently as the paths are well signed, but there is so much to learn that perhaps hiring a full day tour will best as all services include the guiding.

It is important to take into consideration is that your BTC ticket will also include the visit to Ollantaytambo and the rest of archeological site in Cusco besides Machu Picchu, museums and events.

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