Peruvian handicrafts, one of the most beautiful in Latin America

Peruvian Handicrafs

Fall in love with these experiences, fall in love of Peru and its amazing manual art

Ohh, this topic is especially enriching, like all Peruvian history and culture and it’s lovely to touch; There is an important cultural background that Peruvian handicrafts have, you will enjoy the traditional art that Peru has to offer.

And, all our handicrafts are made by so many artisans that we do have in Peru of whom it is a pleasure to see their works. In lot our cities there are different crafts and with very special reasons

As Inspiring Peru says: Peruvian art is often synonymous with intricate designs, bright colors, elaborately crafted woven items, and finally, some of the world’s oldest art forms hailing from the Andes.

As Info Peru says: Personality and originality, these are the two main characteristics of craftsmanship from the Peruvian handicraft. With different styles, depending on the locality, art and tradition are evident in each handcrafted piece. Ceramics, wood and/or stone work, jewelry, or textiles, are Andean handicraft products whose techniques have been passed down from generation to generation since pre-Hispanic times, and that today highlight the richness of our towns. 

Andean woman weaving

Peru is a hotbed of artisan fashion. In fact, there’s literally something for everyone here, from cozy hats and mittens to modern dresses, rainbow woven scarfs and minimalist alpaca sweaters. Whatever type of cotton, wool, or alpaca woven traditional Latin American thing you’ve been dreaming of, you will absolutely find them in some cities. Just as samples:

Cusco Handicrafts

The heir of Inca culture, which is why they are some of the most important handicrafts in the Andean region. Cuzco ceramics are the result of the fusion of two cultures: Andean and European culture.   The textile art also stands out for its tapestries and clothing, which are made with alpaca, vicuña, llama and sheep fiber, also being polychrome (dyed with vegetable dyes).

The most recognized artisans in Cuco are: Hilario Mendivil, Luis Aguayo, Edilberto Merida, Antonio Olave and so

craft galleries

Cajamarca Handicrafts

Cajamarca artisans stand out for their high quality in sheep wool fabrics, leather work and ceramics. However, the best-known handicrafts, and most sought after by tourists, are the Celendín straw hats. This art represents the whole Cajamarca region and especially the province of Celendín, thanks to the materials (toquilla straw) and the technique (hand woven) used by the artisans. In the “City of Hats”, women spend entire days weaving them, following a family tradition that has survived the passage of time.


Puno Handicrafts

Alpaca fiber fabrics are one of the most representative examples of Puno craftsmanship. Another feature are the ceramics, with the “Pukara Bulls”, made in the town of Pukara –which possesses talented artisans and potters, and its representations of churches, small village chapels, and flora and fauna elements from Lake Titicaca. It is important to point out that Pukara is currently considered the largest shopping center for ceramics in southern Peru. Another demonstration of Puno art is to be found in Taquile, an island located in the middle of Lake Titicaca.

Tour in the islands of the Titicaca lagoon

Finally, we cannot forget to mention the Peruvian handicraft jewelry

Nothing completes a look like the right jewelry and accessories. Layer on artisan-made Peruvian jewelry, opt for a sculptural Peruvian hat or the wearable art of Alpaca scarves. You will find a huge variety of handbags, earrings, bracelets, belts and rings. Even cotton tights are special when they have that Peruvian flair. Also, bronze jewelry, silver jewelry and luxe shawls

Peruvian handicrafts

There are some different specialists in Peruvian jewelry Carole Fraresso and Ester Ventura. Carole Fraresso and her brand Motché – takes us to Peru of yesterday and today, and is focused on the recovery and transmission of the cultural heritage present in Peruvian jewelry. Whilst the pieces of Ester Ventura, also blend both the past and the future – giving shape to a mythical splendor.

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