The benefits of taking a luxury Tour in Peru instead of a standard trip?

Considering an upgrade to your luxury tour in Peru to a more comfortable level is the treat you deserve this year. No matter if your motivation is to try a fancier way of life or just you feel like indulging for your own pleasure, you will find more benefits when choosing luxury tours in Peru.

This is not only true on dazzling ambiances and gourmet food, but also in the people who will surround you and the landscapes and sites you will enjoy along your travel companions.

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Expertise and Trustworthiness

No doubt will arise when you trust in a high-quality experience. Creating a luxury experience requires of the best efforts of every person involved in your adventure and this translates into acquiring the latest updates on the performance of all the services. Cooks keep innovating in meals, tour guides will research for the latest archaeological news, and drivers with seamless English strive for your comfort and so do all the staff.

Trust is built little by little. From a well-described itinerary online, to an easy and safe online checkout system to a warm welcome in the airport. Standard trips might offer a few conveniences, however luxury is more than ease, it is the power of having your needs fulfilled at the moment. Years of operation in the high-end travel market are our best accreditation, as in the testimonies shared by our satisfied clients and friends.

Exclusiveness, Luxury Tour in Peru

Users of luxury services appreciate the value of uniqueness. The evolution of any service has a history behind in which successes and learnings are depicted. After all this transformation, simple things like a dinner table or a private spa time reach a level high as the understanding and appreciation of those who enjoy them.

Of course you deserve an exclusive treat for this holidays. Our travel designers are waiting to listen to your travel expectations to create the best luxury travel in Peru ever for you!

Maximum comfort

Everybody knows that the comfort of your lovable bed cannot be beaten by any hotel in the world. But once you are thousands of miles away from home, your rest must be ensured by a fluffy, warm and elegant bed in a 5-star hotel. A slight vanilla perfume in the air, soft pillows and the right amount of illumination to get your body ready for sleeping time.

Comfort is also appreciated in transport. Riding a van in Peruvian highways will let you appreciate the so famous biodiversity of this country as you go across deserts, high mountains, and the Amazonian jungle while your muscle is treated in ergonomic seats in vans and trains. 

Unique destinations

Do standard itineraries look trite? A luxury tour will transform the classic pictures of landmarks like Machu Picchu or the Salkantay Mountain into an exclusive adventure for you. Within the city, private visits to museums and restaurants are a pleasant way to explore the past and the present of Peruvian people, avoiding noise and big crowds.

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Outside urban areas, archaeological sites and natural landscapes will be correctly interpreted by our naturalist and experts in history tour guides to give inquisitive visitors a broader insight of the value of these gems of our past and nature.

Gourmet paradise

One of the enhancements in your vacation is waiting for you in an elegant, unique dinner during your trip to Machu Picchu. All the effort of the farmers striving for the best crops and the chefs who discover the right combinations to surprise and delight your palate at their best. Gourmet is not about small portions and fancy names. Gourmet lets you introduce yourself to a world of new and exotic flavors.

Curators will accompany all of you in the adventure of merging the pleasures of flavors, sounds, fragrances and texture of food. You will master new table manners, even exotic tableware only on a luxury tour. Comfort and culture together.

Exquisite décor

You enjoy art. The joy of going by a corridor or hall and find the representation of old history or modern values into small figurines or textiles makes you smile. Or maybe, a hand-crafted retablo hits your soul and is the spark of inspiration. The decoration is not a matter of filling spaces with beautiful stuff, ¿right?

In an experience in which designers think carefully in each detail of your stay, the most appealing forms, and hues, shades, and angles, smells and textures will intrigue your senses. Part of luxury is receiving the best of each human involved in your comfort.

Tailor-made experiences

One of the best benefits of this travel style is the level of personalization of your stay. Travel designers will suggest you from a wealth of options, the activities which fit the most for every member of the group. Sandboarding or hikes for sports lovers, on-site museums for an archaeological adventure or experiential tours for a closer human touch.

Standard itineraries are made to spend a limited time in something you would love to be longer. A luxury tour in Peru means that every second is enjoyed as much as you want to. Choose the destinations and landscapes you wish to see and let us piece everything together. Take your time to enjoy life!

A luxury tour in Peru is one way to experience high quality in your leisure time. Switch from a regular holiday to an elegant, sophisticated and unforgettable time with your loved ones. Introducing you to the world of luxury will be quite a pleasant experience for us. Contact us!

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