Our Values

View Peru values both our visitors as well as our amazing country. Therefore, we stick to our stringent policy of sustainable tourism. Our number one priority is to give you the vacation of a lifetime while benefitting our beautiful homeland at the same time. We ensure that our tours positively impact the local communities, economies, and environments instead of degrade them. View Peru sees this as necessary both in keeping our rich culture and natural environment alive and in sustaining the great gift of tourism that Peru was given. Therefore, each activity on your itinerary directly benefits the local community and economy, and we seek to make our impact on the environment zero.

In addition, View Peru gives personalized travel service because we understand all of the different travel needs different people have. For this reason, you will get a personal travel coordinator who will work with you all of the way through until the end of your trip. This is important so that you feel welcome in our country and to ensure you are 100% satisfied.

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So, when travelling with View Peru you can be sure you are not only having an amazing time, but you are helping Peru improve and sustain its natural and cultural beauty.