Only For Adventure Seekers

Here a compilation of activities and excursions that must be done if you are an adventurous soul about to travel Peru. The country is without doubts one of the most complete destinations in South America and it provides a vast range of options from different tastes, as for the ones looking for a dash of adventure then the following list will be handy:

Inca Trail – Cusco

It is surely the most famous path and the most fun way to reach Machu Picchu in a 4-day adventure. The Inca Trail offers fantastic views of the Andes, snowcapped mountains, various archeological visits on the way besides witnessing firsthand the changing between the Andes to a humid forest. Probably the highlight of this tour is to arrive to the Citadel of Machu Picchu through the “Inti Punku” or Sun Gate which gives a different perspective and the feeling that you have truly earn your admission to this impressive New Wonder.

Sand-board – Ica

This has to be one of the most fun things to do in Peru, since you take the buggy at Huacachina and the engines start to drive you deeper into the beautiful dunes, immediately the adrenaline will hit you and once in the middle, you will be shower by the sensation of being lost in the desert. Shortly after that, you will be given a sand board, of course if you are an expert or have some experience surfing that will be beneficial but for the beginners there is a chance to just take the sand board and slice yourself from the highest dune either way fun is assured.

Paraglide from Larcomar – Lima

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This is one of the most interesting things to do in Lima, and will not demand much of your time. If the weather allows it, then you can start this around midday pretty much all the paragliding companies jump from the “Costa Verde”, and they offer all the gear and equipment required besides a video of the whole experience.

Lake 69 – Huaraz

It is considering one of the most beautiful lakes on the Huascaran National Park. Definitely a challenging hike that takes between 6 to 7 hours, although is very rewarding as the Lake is simply stunning. On the way fantastic waterfalls can be seen along surrounded by snowcapped mountains such as Pisco, Huascaran and Yanapacha. Also, it is recommended to walk at your own pace as the altitude is nothing but 4600masl, which makes this hike more of a challenge.

Rainbow Mountain – Cusco

Worldwide known, the Vinicunca mountain has become famous in a must do while travelling Peru, especially if Cusco is on the list. The mountain has a beautiful color range due to the erosion of mineral through thousands and thousands of year, that was uncover not that long ago due to the melting ice that used to cover the mountain. Certainly, an amazing hike that takes between two hours in a slow moderate pace that is actually perfect as the maximum altitude that will be reached is of 5100mals. If you think that will be too much do not worry as horses can be hired and by doing that you will supporting the local community that lives on the region. The most wonderful part of the hike is not only to see the Vinicunca Mountain but the entire view of 360° where you will be able to see the Apu Ausangate, an impressive snowcapped mountain that is well known as the guard of this area.

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