New trend for Adventure tourism around the world, post Covid

Our whole life is changing and will change much more once the Covid virus vaccination is discovered. Our comfortable and carefree life will not be the same at least for some years, but this is an opportunity to reset

Reset our costumes, reset our priorities, reset our family life; our tastes and colors; our preferences, and obvious our way to see life.

As Tom Friedman, one of the columnists from the New York Times opined recently that the current generation will come to think of BC and AC as Before. Corona and After Corona

Peru as all the countries in the world have suffered too much in the tourism area but this will also will finish with the time; as has finished all the pandemics suffered before worldwide or is it going to become part of our lives and we have to prepare to live with it. All these times of fear, life loss, and isolation have unlocked unprecedented levels of social care and empathy and we are working very hard on it.

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It can be expected that the current crisis will change our attitudes about hygiene that will be very different. From now the hygiene and special cares will perceive as a Must; so, all the providers from all types of enterprises that are involved in the tourism area like restaurants, all kind of transportation, tourist sites, archaeological monuments, travel agencies, museums, and all the places that the tourists will go, will be assessed through the perspective of cleanliness. So, the commitment now
is only of the tour operators along the entire value chain.

Glamping inca trail to Machu Picchu

Peru has been, is, and will be one of the world’s best destinations for adventure, said by the tourists themselves, and having that responsibility, we are preparing so many protocols in order to take care of our passengers as well as our camp staff for our glamping Inca trail to Machu Picchu

Due to the emergency state, to the restrictions of moving, the vast majority of places in Peru in special the natural areas, have revived and have been repopulated.

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Nature has come alive and that will be our objective and challenge, so there is a sign that something better is that not only Peru but all the world, after this world virus the land, we all inhabit will be much pure, much grateful, much green…

As Forbes says. – While most conversations have been around hotels and restaurants – which are, of course, of the utmost importance travelers – certain segments of the travel industry have additional concerns, especially given the nature of their product. This especially applies to the adventure travel industry. Adventure travel has a few main characteristics, and, unfortunately, many of them make adventure travelers and hosts and destinations especially prone to transmit viruses. Adventure travelers are often off-the-grid, camping, hiking, glamping Inca trail, or backpacking for days in a row without access to sanitation and showers. Travel is often in developing or remote destinations with limited healthcare resources, and it frequently involves the coming together of people from geographically diverse areas.

Now the trends will be something different; some of them is to use Virtual Reality tour; to use professional photography and videos and on the arrivals, more outdoors tours as well as trips not too long

The first expectation we can easily identify is the new levels of acceptance with which travelers will approach virtual experiences and reality. While this is not a completely new phenomenon, the current crisis has accelerated it to new levels.

Finally, and as Adventure Travel says, that choosing an adventure travel company with responsible travel practices at its heart and opting for destinations away from well-trodden tourist trails help avoid over-tourism. It also gives you a better opportunity to forge greater connections with local people and their ways of life, resulting in a more authentic holiday experience.

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