Honeymoon: Traditional or Luxury Adventure?

The icing in the cake of your wedding time certainly is the honeymoon trip. Machu Picchu, considered by some historians as a place of rest and pleasure for the Inca Emperor and the Empress, is a lovable destination for these special first weeks together. Besides traditional itineraries, you can still enjoy a memorable adventure in a unique, luxurious way. Get to know what travel style to choose for the newlyweds in our following article!

Adventure Paths to Machu Picchu

Awarded as one of the New Seven Wonders, Machu Picchu is visited by thousands of tourists from all the corners of the world. The stone citadel built in the top of a sacred mountain was accessed during old times by the main gate and the back entrance for messengers. Nowadays, both paths are conserved in their original state, and you can enjoy the citadel by train and hiking tours in your honeymoon vacation.

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Couples who prefer spending a comfortable time riding a train can choose from traditional experiences to those in which nature, cooking, and live music enhance your transport to the remains. On the other hand, you both can connect with nature and let the workaday world away in a hiking adventure to the Inca wonder. Train tours usually are short and require less physical effort, and hiking tours involve more archaeological remains and a close contact with history.

Before choosing the railroad or an ancient path, how about thinking on the benefits of enhancing your trip together?

Luxury Honeymoon in a Machu Picchu Tour

The idea of luxury can be associated to an elite group of people and wealthy bank accounts. Yet it is indeed a way of life in which you understand the art of living while you treat yourself. This kind of travel has unique experiences and destinations to be fully appreciated through the knowledge of experts in history, gastronomy, art or architecture. What other benefits can you get from a luxury honeymoon?

  •        – Special access to top-notch accommodation, restaurants, and attractions.
  •         – Exquisite pieces of art and exclusive outstanding natural sceneries.
  •        – Fine décor, comfortable atmosphere and guaranteed safety in your hotel rooms.
  •        – Transfers in private, spacious vans or cars within the city.
  •        – Extra priority in bookings for romantic dines and places.
  •        – Attentive staff with enough experience to anticipate your needs.
  •        – Surprising treats for the newlyweds. We all celebrate your love!

Machu Picchu Romantic

Travelers choosing traditional tours might be accustomed to lines or noisy restaurants. Now is the opportunity to choose something different and replace those inconveniences with a warm memory along your partner.

The Luxury Inca Trail for Couples

Documentaries, websites or books are not enough to show you the complexity of the equilibrium Inca civilization achieved in their engineering. The Inca Trail Tour is an outdoor camping adventure spanning from 4 days in which you both will hold hands following the footprints of strong ancient messengers predating your current adventure. Main features of this option include:

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  • Stunning views of fruit trees crops, glacier-clad mountains, lagoons and sub-tropical forests among other landscapes.
  • A centuries-old stoned path as long as a marathon, as a safe, thrilling hike.
  • Knowledgeable tour guides presenting information about history, flora, fauna and more.
  • Visit to ancient fortresses, citadels and viewing points along the trek.
  • Unequalled natural spots for selfies or couple pictures.
  • Pollution-free environment.

Those who choose a traditional trail will also spend quite a great time in the wilderness and will be intrigued by ruins. Benefits of Luxury Inca Trail come as follow:

  • Spacious dining tents for both of you, decorate with classy and typical items.
  • Comfortable tents for your rest at each campsite, including heating, soft and warm mattresses, subtle but elegant ornamentation.
  • Gourmet meals prepared with fresh organic ingredients considering any dietary requirements.
  • Personal shower tent with hot water.
  • Chemical portable private toilets.
  • Massage sessions with aromatherapy oils to restore your body after the hike.
  • Yoga sessions in locations with pure air and natural silence.
  • Environment-friendly equipment and operation.
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Luxury Honeymoon Train to Machu Picchu

The story of your romantic escapade can also include a train ride to an exotic destination. You and your partner can visit the temples, terraces and corridors in Machu Picchu after admiring the views of the magnificent Sacred Valley of the Incas throughout all your stay in the carriage. Your trip will feature the following:

  • A quicker arrival compared to hiking tours.
  • Comfortable seats with a front table.
  • Light decoration according to the surrounding nature.
  • Entertainment onboard depending on the service booked.
one of the blue wagons of the luxury Hiram Bingham train from Cusco to Machu Picchu part of our luxury Inca Trail tour

In addition, honeymoon train tours to Machu Picchu can also be upgraded to luxury status. Take your ride to a more sophisticated level enjoying the following perquisites:

  • Warm welcome with typical dances and Pisco Sour.
  • A 1920’s style carriage with polished wood and brass.
  • An exclusive VIP lounge and a bar on board.
  • Outstanding landscapes in a panoramic observation carriage.
  • Live music featuring traditional rhythms from all Peru.
  • Gourmet food in a fancifully decorated carriage.
  • Slower pace to full enjoyment of views and to take great pictures.
  • Exclusive tea time for you at the Belmond Sanctuary Lodge.
  • Special treats for couples and newlyweds.

Luxury trains to the Inca wonder are quite similar to 5-star hotel lounges. Delicate illumination, fine glassware, bigger armchairs and more fancy details. Just imagine toasting for you successful trip with champagne after a great day in the ruins in the most elegant way possible.

Machu Picchu is a trendy destination for couples. Traditional and luxury honeymoon trips in Peru are for sure an unforgettable episode of your story as partners of life. We strive for your full satisfaction, and your dream itinerary is waiting for you. Contact us and start your adventure now!

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