Luxury Cruises in Iquitos

Tucked away along the Amazon River is the capital of the Peru’s Maynas province, Iquitos. As the ninth largest city in Peru, this city is only accessible by river and air making it a popular destination for travelers seeking to view the virgin rainforest. Constant rainfall and humid temperatures are almost inevitable here, but there is an escape for those searching for a luxurious trip down the river. As one of the most rewarding nature expeditions in the world, an Amazon river cruise on a five-star ship will allow to comfortably navigate the rainforest while leaving minimal impact on the ecosystem. Booking for this all-inclusive tour is available through either Amazon River Expeditions and Jungle Adventures.

There are many companies that offer this excursion but a standout in the field is the incredible Aria Expeditions. Their 4-day cruise aboard the custom built Aria Amazon is an experience that you’ll remember for the rest of your life. The vessel itself was specifically designed for extreme comfort and luxury whilst minimizing its carbon emissions. There are 16 rooms on board with floor-to-ceiling windows giving guests a complete view of the scenery around them. The top deck includes a jacuzzi, indoor bar and lounge and an outdoor observation deck. Dining options are managed by Pedro Miguel Schiffiano, one of the most accomplished Peruvian chefs. Known for his use of locally sourced ingredients, dishes such as hearts of palm soufflé, scallops with wild almonds and the classic ceviche will leave you speechless.

The grandiosity of the ship may be overwhelming, but the off-board activities are conducted in small groups no larger than 8. You’ll never get the feeling of being crowded on any of the private launch boats that are carefully managed by the skilled crew and captain. Safety is a main concern with separate survival packs in each room that barring incident will ensure a safe return. Additionally, the nearly smoke-free engines are great for protecting the delicacy of the planet’s most important rainforest.

As cozy as the ship may be, your curiosity will have you wanting to get a hands on feel of the nature around you. Daily stops along both the river and jungle grant you the opportunity to see rare animals like the Amazon River Dolphin. These endangered creatures turn pink when adulthood is reached and are only one of the many unique species that live in this ecosystem. The Amazon River itself provides you with various other activities such as kayaking and fishing. Experience is unnecessary as the professionally trained guides will teach you how to wrangle with red-bellied piranhas. If battling these tiny but fierce creatures sounds like too much, you can always opt for a secluded fresh water swimming experience instead.

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Equally as important as the wildlife are the 200 indigenous communities that call this region their home. These transitional communities are comprised of a mix of ethnicities and races who have avoided the benefits of modern civilization for longer than we can imagine. Living on rich floodplains with rapidly changing environments, you can visit these adaptable people in their home villages without creating commercialization.

Only two seasons exist in this climate: Low Water Season (June to November) and High Water Season (December to May). The low water season receives about 25% less rainfall than high season but the trade off is a hotter temperature. Luckily, rainfall typically doesn’t last for more than 1-2 hours at a time with clouds appearing in quick, short bursts. On top of that, the tour organizers always plan the trip during ideal conditions for both sailing and excursions. With all this knowledge at hand, it’s now your turn to decide when to book this trip of a lifetime.

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