Luxury Camping Machu Picchu

View Peru is a renowned Peru tour operator with an amazing reputation offering the upmost luxury camping Machu Picchu Tours.

Below you will find the photo reports of our provided services, we are proud to say that we are the only company offering this level of luxe in the Inca Trail travel industry.

Luxury tent ready with queen bed and white linens of one of our luxury inca trail camping

table ready for lunch with 3 places with plates, napkins, cups and pink flowes during our luxury camping Inca trail

luxury camping machu picchu

luxury camping inca trail

group of travellers during our Inca Trail tour stretching in the morning before starting the trek

luxury camping inca trail

luxury glamping machu picchu

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A table set with lunches, care packages and walking sticks ready to be picked up by the travellers before starting the daily trek during the luxury Inca trail tour A group of our staff claping their hands welcoming the group of travellers that has just arrive to the campsite

inca trail tours

Small gray tent with a portable shower inside and towells as well as shampoo and soap ready for our guest in our luxury camping tours in the Inca Trail

luxury glamping machu picchu

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