Inca Trail Packing List

A luxury trip to Machu Picchu via the iconic 4-day trekking route, the Inca Trail, is a combination of an authentic connection with nature and an enjoyable treat for you. You and your day pack will have a time travel to discover some of the secrets of the Incas and the marvels of Peruvian wilderness with a comfortable rest at the end of each day. What is required in your backpack for this journey?

Hike the Inca Trail Comfortably

During your trek, your luggage will be stored safely in Cuzco as some items are not needed for the hike. The night before the first day in the Inca Trail, you will have a briefing at your hotel where you will receive a small duffle bag to pack clothes and belongings. However, this bag will not be available until the campsite break, as it will be carried by porters being ahead of the group. To this end, you will need to bring a daypack for supplies such as water, snacks, batteries and additional layers or anything you require immediately as you go by the Inca Trail.

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Indispensable Items

  • Original passport. It is mandatory to carry your original passport in the Inca Trail in order to pass the official entrances with no issues and also to enter into the Machu Picchu citadel. Duplicates will be rejected. Be sure to keep it in a plastic case or bag to protect it from the raindrops or any humidity damage.
  • Day pack. Your best friend during the hike. A 20 or 24 liters day pack will be enough to carry your belongings. Choose waterproof daypacks and ask your tour guide about the best way to use the belts to fit it to your own body.
  • Cash. Useful to buy last minute supplies such as snacks, batteries, in case of sudden emergencies or to show appreciation by tipping. Better safe than sorry.
  • Comforting clothes
  • – Summer and winter clothing. Even if you plan your journey for the dry season in Cuzco, there is still the chance of rain in the sub-tropical forest. Therefore, bringing clothes that are suitable for most climates as well as light are the best. Pack long sleeved shirts, T-shirts, convertible pants or shorts for hot days, and light woolen jackets, leg warmers and underwear.
  • Worn-in & waterproof hiking boots. Your feet must be safe, dry and comfortable during the trek. A pair of high-quality, worn-in hiking boots are recommendable since they are already adapted to your feet. Do not forget to make sure they are waterproof.
  • Waterproof jacket. Bring either a waterproof rain jacket with a hood. As an alternative, bring a plastic poncho that covers you until your calves.
  • Waterproof pants. Many trekkers choose waterproof pants to avoid the annoyance of wet jeans and enjoy the rain instead.
  • Warm clothing for your rest. At night the temperature drops, so be sure to bring layers of fleece, long underwear, a hat, and gloves to make sure you are comfortable when sleeping.
  • Sandals or flip flops. They will be your new friends after reaching the end of each hiking day. They are also useful to take a warm shower in the checkpoints safely.

Extra Items

  • Plastic bags. Wrap all of your belongings in plastic bags to keep them safe from rain and humidity. Additional plastic bags will be useful to set aside wet and unclean clothes.
  • Extra Snacks. In addition to the healthy snacks provided by View Latin America, you can bring high calorie snacks to keep your energy up during the days.
  • Bathing suit. If you are a fan of hot springs, the town of Aguas Calientes houses natural streams of warm water for you to relax in a cheerful and natural atmosphere. Private spa sessions to restore your body after the hike are also available in this cosmopolitan town.


  • Healthcare products. Pack a small towel to use it during the trail and personal toiletries. We provide shower amenities, towels, toilet paper, and anti-bacterial hand gel.
  • Water bottles. Bring a 1.5 liter or 1-2 smaller refillable bottles to save boiled water provided by us. Camelbak hydration packs are also a good idea.
  • First aid kit and personal medications. Be sure to bring with you all your current medicines and those your doctor recommends you prior to your trip.
  • Sun protection. Direct sunlight damage can be avoided by sunscreen, sunglasses and lip balm. It is a great reason to wear a glamorous hat too!
  • Insect repellent. Forget about insect bites using insect repellent.


  • Camera and accessories. Depending on the type of pictures, sound recordings, or videos you would like to take, selfie sticks or professional lenses will be handy. As a side note, selfie sticks and tripods are not allowed in Machu Picchu.
  • Flash light. Make sure you can walk safe outside your tent after sunset or find a great place to stargaze at camping nights with a reliable flash light. Headlights are a great alternative as well.
  • Batteries or charger. Ensure power supply of your electronics with chargers (electricity is available in the first campsite) and suitable batteries.

Optional items related to hobbies

  • Binoculars. Birds, bears, mountains and other surprising details in the hike can be seen using them.
  • – Travel journal. Reflexive travelers will love to end their day writing an entry about their thoughts on the trip. It will be useful to collect some important information as well as some stamps and friends’ handwriting.
  • Art tools. You might be inspired by the astonishing landscapes and play some tunes in the campsites using a harmonica, a flute or a small guitar. Drawing pencils can also be a good item for creative young and adult travelers.

Do you have any doubt about items needed in your trip? Do not hesitate to contact our travel experts and have everything packed for your luxury journey. We are waiting for you!