Find Unique Safe Adventures in these 3 cities in Peru

Safety is important for the modern traveler. For this reason, View Peru has chosen three cities in which you can explore and do unique things without any worry about your health.

Let’s explore!

Safe Adventures in Cusco

Cusco is the most important touristic city of Peru, therefore authorities and business owners have worked together to offer safe experiences for you and your travel companion.

Machu Picchu, the Inca world wonder, has reopened for visitors with new sanitary protocols. Wearing a face mask and face protector, as well as carrying gel alcohol is mandatory. Bus rides from the small town of Machu Picchu to the Inca citadel now allow 8 passengers including the tour guide. All these measures, among the previous ones such as park rangers surveillance, ensure the safety of you, your family, and your friends.

Back to the Andes, other destinations such as the Rainbow Mountain or the Turquoise Humantay Lagoon are also provided with sanitary protocols such as social distancing, vehicle disinfection, and protection items. You can choose these destinations with no worries!

Unique experiences such as vivential tourism, horseback riding, and luxury treks are available as well. Museums and some archaeological sites are implementing sanitary protocols at a safe and slow pace. Contact your View Peru expert for more things to do!

What to do in Lima

The main attraction of the capital city of Peru is gastronomy. Restaurants receive local and foreign customers with appropriate distancing. The pleasure of eating now has a slightly different ambiance as the number of guests has been reduced up to 50%. This ensures not only the health security of travelers but also workers.

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Spending more than one day in Lima will allow you to delight your palate with intense flavors such as ceviche or ají de gallina, and softer ones like tamales limeños or chicha Morada.

Some of those delicacies are not available in Cusco, so we encourage you to find the original taste of each city!

Other adventures include paragliding in Miraflores and a city tour by bus. Both will provide you astonishing views of Lima, from the sky and from above.

Unique Experiences in Puerto Maldonado

Peru is not only mountains and food. Your 2021 vacation must include a comfortable stay in Puerto Maldonado. Located in the southern jungle side, it is the gate to the enormous Amazonian wild forest and a safe introduction to the marvels of hidden Peru beyond Cusco.

Sanitary protocols have also been implemented in fluvial escapades. Lago Sandoval, one of the main attractions of Puerto Maldonado now is available to enjoy a quiet boat ride like no other in the world. Your vacation with View Peru will include views of exotic plants and animals, such as beautiful orchids, playful maquisapa monkeys, and lovely couples of guacamayo parrots.

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As you can see, safe adventures are available in Peru. We have received the Safe Travel Seal ensuring the quality of sanitary protocols for customers. Unique experiences and more things waiting for you in the land of the Incas!

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