Cusco: Classic Package or Luxury Package. What Is Best For Me?

Cusco is not only an incredibly diverse city but has some of the most gorgeous landscapes in all of Peru to offer. A hike through the stunning landscapes of the Sacred Valley is a must-do. There are enough options.

The Inca Trail on ancient paths past old ruins, the Salkantay Trek deeply into the Andean nature, with massive glacier summits and lush jungles, colorful wildlife included. The Lares trail past beautiful lakes, having a halt on the way in traditional Peruvian villages.

Places where time stopped hundreds of years ago. Any of these trails leading to Machu Picchu guarantee an incredible experience, beautiful photos, and memories for a lifetime.

You still have a difficult choice to make. Should I take a standard tour, save money, and experience the Andes with basic gear? Or go for the luxury option, have physiotherapists guiding me through those exhausting days with massages and chefs treating me with high-class menus? This article will help you to make a decision that you will be happy with.

Peru Luxury Vacation

You are in beautiful nature, surrounded by lush tropical forests, rivers and waterfalls, cascades in a landscape of sheer rocks. There is no better time out than this. Well, maybe there is. A hot shower in the morning, followed by a yoga session in midst of the mystical sounds of the jungle. A delicious breakfast is prepared for you in the meantime. The luxury tours offer an upgrade to experience, that – let’s be honest – will be great anyway.

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The Sacred Valley has a calming atmosphere that guarantees you a relaxed state of mind afterward, despite an exhausting hike. But if you are looking for an extra enhancement, the icing on your cake, then the Peru Luxury vacation is what you want to choose.

A team of professionals accompanies you, high-class chefs prepare succulent dishes and yoga instructors and masseuses provide for constant well-being. At night all you have to do is enjoy dinner with a glass of champagne, tell a special waiter all your wishes and hop into your heated tent underneath the bright stars. You hike, your team deals with the rest.

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Classic Hike

The classic hike offers the same views over superb valleys, the same beautiful nature, snow-glazed peaks, and colorful lakes. The same wildlife and the same Machu Picchu. But without all the extras. You will rest in a normal tent and sleeping bag placed at your disposal.

Standard meals are prepared for you. You still have a professional guide on your side day and night giving his or her best to make you feel comfortable.

You hike through the astonishing landscapes of the Peruvian Andes, knowing Machu Picchu is getting closer to every step you take. A massage, relaxing yoga session, a five-star meal, and a personal waiter have to wait until you return from your adventure.

Price difference

If you are looking for the cheapest option you will probably decide to take a classic tour through the Sacred Valley, taking a pass on the fancy extras. If you are willing to spend a bit more and decide on a luxury package, you will have an even more outstanding experience.

Depending on what hike you choose, the Salkantay or Quarry-Trek, the Lares or Inca-Trail, or even a different one, and based on the length, the prices will vary.

A classic tour between three and five days will cost you something between US$ 350 and US$ 550. If you are looking for extra relaxation and luxury you have to plan on spending around US$ 2000 upwards. But whatever choice you will make in the end, you will have an amazing experience.

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