Coronavirus Peak in China and Latin America Report

After the World Health Organization declared the coronavirus as a pandemic in a recent press conference, good news also came. China officially reported only 4 new cases as for March 12, and unless total cases are about to reach 81 thousand, daily cases are under a hundred since March 6th. Some hours upon the announcement from the WHO, the Asiatic giant declared that the peak of the outbreak of the infection is over.

More Good News from China

Mi Feng, official spokesperson of the National Health Commission indicated that new cases keep declining and the epidemic situation remains in low level. On February 12th, infections in this country surpassed 15 000 people. Little by little, economical activities in China are returning to the usual rate, as 87% of the migration activity has resumed.

More than 62 000 patients have left hospitals, however medical staff still strive for the prevention of new infection and treatment of new cases. In addition, China has sent medical experts on the COVID-19 to countries such as Italy and Iran to provide assistance in the development of the expansion of the virus.

coronavirus in peru
coronavirus in Perú

Advice from the WHO

You do not need to panic due to the new outbreaks, but a serious attitude is necessary to contribute to the global efforts in the containment of the virus spread. Follow the guidelines provided by the World Health Organization, national and local health authorities.

The official travel advice from this institution recommends against the application of trade and travel restrictions to affected areas. Evidence has shown that such restrictions are ineffective.

Current Situation in Latin America


Confirmed cases have reached 28 in Lima, Chincha and Huanuco. All of them are imported with no local transmissions, now in quarantine. The government ordered all schools to delay the start of activities for this year to March 30. In addition, the High-Level Cross-Section Official Board against Coronavirus suspended all flights arriving from Europe and Asia. No deceases neither critical cases have been reported. Airports and bus terminals have reinforced controls in Lima, Cusco and other main destinations countrywide.

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The country presents only three cases of COVID-19, all in quarantine. The Minister of Health declared that the virus has not spread among the community and measures for detection, prevention and containment are being strengthened. In the middle of the election campaign, official measures given by the government include the closure of schools and the ban of flights from and to Europe, as well as the prohibition of events with more than 1000 attendants.

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The land of tango has reached 30 confirmed cases, all imported, and one decease. This country has established a flight ban to travelers arriving from Europe, the US, China, South Korea, Japan, and Iran. Mandatory quarantine for returning travelers has also been set. New issued measures claim to be based on scientific evidence to mitigate the spread of the virus.

coronavirus in venezuela

Latin America

Similar drastic measures have been taken in countries in all Latin America. Guatemala, El Salvador in Center America and Venezuela, Uruguay, Guyana and Suriname in the south are coronavirus-free regions so far. Residents and authorities fight for the containment of the COVID-19.

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The WHO has stated that this is a controllable pandemic. Severe and tailored measures are required.

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