Comfort in the Jungle: Choquequirao Cable Car Project

View Peru knows Machu Picchu is the most known destination in Peru. However, once the visit is done our customers ask what to do in Cusco besides the world wonder. Fortunately, every corner of the city and its surroundings have extra adventures for you.

The Choquequirao Cable Car Project

Pedro Cateriano, Prime Minister of Peru, described this week the basis of the Choquequirao Cable Car Project in the main hall of the Congress, in Lima. This ambitious project aims at the building of two transportation systems, being the first a cable car track starting from the adjoining Apurimac region and the second, another track starting from the Cusco region.

Nowadays, every tourist must wear hiking boots and conquer a 5-day quest to reach the old ruins of Choquequirao. Peruvians love to share their treasures with visitors from all around the world, therefore creating new ways to enjoy natural sightseeing and archaeology encouraged the idea of the cable car project.

Peruvian government will spend about 260 million dollars for this novel upgrade in the sister of Machu Picchu. Choquequirao is not only a historical treasure, but also a great opportunity for economic development. Travel agencies, tour guides, cooks, porters, hotel managers, and many other Peruvians will benefit once this new project becomes a reality. About 5 of 10 jobs of Cusquenian people are directly related to the tourism sector. The upgrade will lead to more inclusive and modern access to the ruins as well as a larger number of visitors each year, and the growth of the tourism industry in Cusco.

Official statements announce the project award in 2022 and by the end of that year, tourists will be able to enjoy this jewel of Peruvian history we describe next.

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What is Choquequirao?

Machu Picchu is just the first of the great number of archaeological remains throughout Cusco. Now, Choquequirao is the biggest Inca citadel discovered after Machu Picchu. It is said to be the last fortress inhabited by the Inca emperor during the Spanish invasion. From an architectural perspective, it has the influence of the northern Chachapoyas style, and as a consequence, the traveler will enjoy a different look and feel in comparison with the famous Peruvian World Wonder.

Choquequirao Cable Car in your vacation

Is it worth extending your visit to Peru and adding Choquequirao to your visit? No matter if you are in the pursuit of natural beauty, historical buildings, or an intrepid escapade, this destination will meet your expectations with the perfect degree of luxury you deserve. One more destination to cross out in your list with less effort!

In addition, once the cable car project is completed, the usual 4-day trek will be considerably reduced by one day, and it will include a soft ride over the Andean mountains heading the ruins. With this, you will have one more day to spend in mystical landscapes in the Sacred Valley, exploring history in Lima or any other destination with View Peru!

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