Ride the Best Train to Machu Picchu This Year

No matter what reason you choose to ride a train to Machu Picchu in an archaeological adventure, View Latin America presents a comprehensive guide of available options suiting your travel style. Find information of train categories, luxury trains, and of course, our carefully crafted tours for you to enjoy the unique piece of Incan architecture in the top of a mountain.

Welcome to the Hiram Bingham

There is a luxury train to Machu Picchu waiting for you. The Hiram Bingham Luxury train by Peru Rail, is named after the intrepid American professor Hiram Bingham, who unveiled the ruins shrouded in mist and scrubs to the world. Comfort and elegance is not only possible in accommodation and restaurants during your journey, keep treating yourself in this high-end train in any of our luxury itineraries.

The carriages of the Hiram Bingham can be compared to the 1920’s elegant transportation in Europe. This time, your trip starts in the Poroy Station, being a 3-hour quiet travel. Dazzling brass, polished wood and soft armchairs accompany the views of the Sacred Valley in your window as you enjoy of gourmet versions of the salient stars of Peruvian gastronomy.

Luxury Hiram Bingham Train

Glamour is not only in your seat. Use all your senses to enjoy the carefully designed Pullman-style carriage on the fine rug under your feet, the attentive staff and the delicate lights turning this ride into a five-star hotel experience. From the welcome time in the station with a signature drink, the old-fashioned glamorous atmosphere to the magical arrival to the remains, Hiram Bingham certainly is a one-in-a-kind adventure.

And this is not the end. There are several opportunities to appreciate the exclusiveness of this awarded train. A short drink in the bar can be the start of a new friendship or business deal. The observation car will let the passenger relax and learn about the verdant flora and the changing landscapes from the station in Cusco to your destination. Live music as cheerful tunes from the coastal strip, the highlands and the dense jungle will inundate the carriage in a genuine Peruvian fiesta on board!

Are you ready to whisk away in the finest transport to Machu Picchu? Spend your days in Peru in the way you deserve booking any of our luxury tours.

Panoramic views in the Vistadome

Brave-hearted souls will choose the spacious and comfortable Vistadome for the outward and return train trips to Machu Picchu. Featuring panoramic windows in the lateral and upper sides of the carriage, you will not miss a single detail of the fertile Sacred Valley of the Incas or the nearest small villages.

Vistadome allows you to enjoy your way to the old Inca remains in a safe and fun trip where you can share all your expectations and travel experiences with your travel companion and new friends as natural sceneries of streams, forests, a clean sky or the sunset illuminating the crops.

Sacred Valley Train

In addition, a wicked character from Andean folk art, the Saqra, offers a dance show on board! First conceived in Paucartambo, this fallen angel is now a whimsical devil with an animal mask, colorful costume and a golden cane to make the middle hallway his dance floor. Later, the product of the hands of professional local weavers will be showcased in a fashion show by the young staff on your service. Shawls and scarfs, as well as coats and sweaters with Peruvian patterns in trendy colors presented with joyful Andean music.

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Vistadome empathizes in the experience and the natural pleasure of your eyes. Kids and naturalists will fall in love with the inner light décor and the wonderful outer scenery.

The Private Train to Machu Picchu

Chartered journeys are possible in the star of exclusiveness in Incan lands. Private, by Inca Rail, is the prefect option for an intimate time in your luxury vacations. You will be treated since your first minute with champagne and Pisco Sour. The sumptuous décor contrasts with the wilderness outdoors. Spacious armchairs for you to enjoy a good conversation or reading, next to delicate orchids and your loved ones.

Surprise yourself with a magnificent 3-course gourmet menu with kid-friendly options. Andean ingredients of the best quality will charm your palate and later, you can watch them mix together into a spectacular cooking class on board. An in-house chef will teach you how to involve your passion and spirit in transform live ingredients into a source of energy and love.

The staff will take care of you and all your travel companions during the journey in case of any happening. Kids will also have a special program to entertain them, so everyone will enjoy these 2.5 hour trip at its fullest.

Full views with the 360° Train

The tallest windows are inside the 360° Train wagons. Your sight will reach every detail of the scenery of the Sacred Valley without missing any object. Take your favorite travel mate and take her to the special outdoor wagon to share that beautiful moment you spot a lovable orchid or a group of children playing next to the river.

Organic ingredients in your box lunch will be enjoyed in comfortable seats with tables in front of them. None of you will get bored, as you can look for the perfect moment to shoot that incredible picture of the valley, or relax and enjoy of the only trip with a digital entertainment system on board.

There are plenty of train options to Machu Picchu. All of them are available in our diverse itineraries to make your dream come true and step in the Peruvian world wonder. Tell our travel experts your expectations and we will suggest you the best train for a matchless journey. Are you ready for a ride?

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