Machupicchu - Maravilla del Mundo - Peru

Our favorite foodie experiences from our travels to Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador

Travel changes you. And in return, life and travel leaves marks on you It’s time to start a luxury travel out of the ordinary. Our experts will help you in all the ways you need. We use our inside knowledge to craft trips that push the boundaries of your imagination. From enchanting honeymoons and inspiring...
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Planning a Bachelor Trip to Peru_

Planning a Bachelor Trip to Peru? A Comprehensive Guide for an unforgettable Adventure

You may know that Peru is one of the best reasons to travel abroad to your country, especially if you have planned a bachelor trip. Peru has it all. Incredible places to see, endless experiences, amazing history and culture, and of course, the best food in the world.  Just check out the comments in all...
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The best places to eat ceviche in Lima

As we all know, Peru has many wonders. From the world-famous tourist sites up to enjoying one of the best meals in the world.  For quite a few years now, and due to the mixes of culture in our country, as well as the very rich land that allows all types of crops, Peruvian food...
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Restaurant CENTRAL

National Geographic chooses Lima among the best destinations to visit in 2024

Peruvian Pride: The publication highlights its award-winning restaurants The renowned National Geographic portal included Lima in a recent list recommending the 30 most impressive destinations to visit in the year 2024, reported PromPerú. In Nat Geo’s most recent publication, The Cool List 2024, read in much of the world, it is explained that Peru’s capital...
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How to spend a Romantic Getaway in Peru_

How to spend a Romantic Getaway in Peru?

To make a trip on your vacation or to celebrate an event is to know as much as you can about the country you are going to visit.  It’s a real challenge But, coming to Peru is a big step and super exciting trip. A new culture, different people, beautiful landscapes and unknown food. All...
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Inka Trail Faqs

 Inca Trail Faq’s

Just getting to Peru is already a win.  You will have what you never expected to see and experience. Places full of colonial history; modern places with great excursions of adventure and relaxation and with one of the best meals in the world; yes, as you are reading, since we have been recognized as one...
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The foodie's ultimate guide_ 10 tent Peruvian dishes you can't miss in your Peru vacation

The foodie’s ultimate guide: 10 tent Peruvian dishes you can’t miss in your Peru vacation

As the Peru SIM portal says: Peruvian food has been classified by many experts as one of the best in the world. Its richness derives from the fusion of many cultures and how ingredients and seasonings were blended in Peru to give birth to what we know today as Peruvian gastronomy. Native dishes with local...
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Best places to visit the Amazon in Peru

You change your life by changing your trips and you get a strange feeling when you are about to leave the Amazon. Come with us to an unforgettable adventure Have a road in a boat. On a river. Upstream, downstream, the choice is yours and there are lots of options to visit the huge Amazon...
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Why our Machu Picchu Luxury Hiking Tours are your best choice?

Machu Picchu Luxury Hiking tour,There are ways and styles of life and travel; Live luxury in the Andean mountains. Your dream trip will come true.  Amazing experiences, great people, magic and dream places.  Travel with us! You have to know Peru and our entire portfolio of programs, tours, visits, gastronomy and everything that can help...
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Lake Titicaca Facts

When you leave a beautiful place, you carry it with you wherever you go It is incredible what surprise we can find in this beautiful country that offers all what one need and definitely much more Among all the incredible tourist sites that Peru has, we cannot fail to mention the highest navigable lake in...
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