A Peruvian Bar is Now on the Top 20


As incredible as it may sound, since the Peruvian gastronomy has been conquering the world for a few years now, it is hard to believe that is the first time a Peruvian Bar has been nominated in such an important list, but on early October this year, the owners of “Carnaval” had received the wonderful news of a nomination when the important list of The World’s 50 Best Bars was release in London putting the Bar on the top of the list for the very first time.

On 2018 Carnaval reach position 68 and was part of the second list on the cocktail version of this same ranking, that is the reason the big surprised come up this year as the Bar jump 55 spots on relation to its previous year position

Of course “Carnaval” has settle a successful path with this amazing nomination, but we cannot forget that when the bar had only three years on the market they received their first nomination and an important conquest at the time when Tales of the Cocktail in New Orleans put them on the Top 10 Best New Cocktail Bars of America.

And even though, Carnaval is the only bar that has made it to the list we must note that Latin America has an important presence on the Ranking this year as the famous Argentinian Bar Florería Atlántico located in Buenos Aires managed to take the third place on the list and no doubt the bar has now position itself as the Best one in South America.

The World’s 50 Best Bars association even congratulate Carnaval via twitter for being the highest entry of the year and they also made a joke about being 13 a lucky number although people may not agree but was indeed the lucky number for the bar.

Just in case you want to check the list please see below:

Top 20: Paradiso (Barcelona, Spain)

Top 19: Salmón Gurú (Madrid, Spain)

Top 18: High Fire (Tokyo, Japan)

Top 17: Himkok (Oslo, Norway)

Top 16: Three Sheets (London, UK)

Top 15: Guilhotina (Sao Paulo, Brazil)

Top 14: Katana Kitten (New York, US)

Top 13: Carnaval (Lima, Perú)

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Top 12: Native (Singapore)

Top 11: Manhattan (Singapore)

Top 10: Licorería Limantour (Ciudad de México, México)

Top 9: The Old Man (Hong Kong, China)

Top 8: Atlas (Singapore)

Top 7: Attaboy (New York, US)

Top 6: The Clumsies (Athens, Greece)

Top 5: American Bar (London, UK)

Top 4: The Nomad (New York, US)

Top 3: Florería Atlántico (Buenos Aires, Argentine)

Top 2: Connaught Bar (London, UK)

Top 1: Dante (New York, US)

If you are passing by Lima you may want to check the Bar, which is located in the heart of San Isidro in a very beautiful area in “Pardo y Aliaga Ave.” They are also opening from Monday to Saturday every day, so there will not be an excuse to not visit this incredible bar, since this is now a great option to enjoy of the Lima’s nightlife.

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